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20 Facts on Obesity #5

"Women and Obesity" Photo/LeahIt's a fact, men lose weight faster and easier than women. Don't panic, there are simple solutions.

The reality for women and obesity is very different from that of men. Everything else being equal, though it never is, men will generally lose weight 25% faster than women.

I found the most productive years for weight loss for women to be between the ages of 35 and 50. Men's best years to lose weight between 42 to 55. Younger folks lose weight faster, but are twice as prone to regain it. Older folks usually settle for a little less than their ideal weight so they can maintain it more easily.

I was discussing the risk factors of obesity with a physical therapist. She pointed out that the problems for weight loss for women were emotional as well as physical.

She said men lose faster because their fat deposits are mobile and move with the body causing a greater calorie burn off than women's stationary fat deposits. She said men expel a large degree of the fat they consume via bowel movements while women store the fat. Men burn more calories doing the same activity for the same time as a woman because they have larger muscles which burn more fat. Unfair. Sure. But it's a fact.

Women and Obesity Research:
Average American woman gains 1.5 lbs. per year

The biggest reasons why women are overweight are a sedentary lifestyle followed by chronic dieting.

This is why overweight women's metabolism become less efficient with age. Hormonal changes, reduced physical activity, muscle loss and bone deterioration result in the average American woman gaining 1.5 pounds per year. Or 15 pounds every ten years. Keep in mind that's only the average. An overweight woman with a history of crash diets could easily gain 3-7 pounds every year as they age.

Reader'sDigest.com conducted a women and obesity survey of 1,800 respondents. Here's a sample of that survey.

Reader'sDigest.com Survey

  • 43% of respondents said they gained weight in the last six months. How about you?
  • Of women who considered themselves obese, nearly 70% said their weight prevented them from being happy. What's happiness worth?
  • More than 46% of women said they would wear a short sexy skirt and low cut top "only in my dreams."

The Reader'sDigest.com survey validates my own 20 plus year study and Facts About Obesity Survey. The women and obesity problem is a unique problem.

Weight loss for women is physically and emotionally more difficult than weight loss for men. Overweight women know the physical challenges of crash dieting can be merciless. But pale in comparison to the emotional battle of changing diet, pressure to succeed, altering lifestyle to accommodate a diet while dealing with hormonal imbalance, mood swings and juggling a busy schedule. Wonderful. Sounds like a prescription for disaster to me.

A Simple Solution for the Women and Obesity Crisis

Crash diets, chronic dieting and a sedentary lifestyle will significantly increase your risk for obesity. Don't panic. Overweight women have a real and genuine opportunity to reach ideal weight and maintain it for a lifetime. Not more crash diets but honest weight loss for women that works. No hype. No gimmicks.

I have participated in over 10,000 hours of face to face interviews and consultations with obese and overweight people.

I learned women have special weight loss needs if not addressed will encourage failure and diminish the possibility of success.

The Truth About Women and Obesity

These unaddressed needs lead to dieting failure and eventual weight gain.

Effective weight loss for women requires not only a healthy diet plan combined with an intelligent increase in physical activity -- but answers to questions about fashion, fitness, beauty, sexual and emotional issues that if ignored will eventually cause the frustration that dooms successful weight loss from the start.

Do yourself a favor. Never crash diet again. Severe calorie deprivation will cause an eventual increase in your weight and may cause your metabolism to be less efficient. All of this increases your risk factors of obesity.

More Answers About Obesity

I recommend cruising this web site for answers to your women and obesity concerns and questions.

If you have a question for the Weight Loss Coach, submit it in the Ask The Coach section. I also recommend my Free Weight Loss Help Starter Course for valuable information about weight loss for women.


A calorie is a calorie but, for women, weight loss is more difficult and requires more time and physical activity than a man.

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