"Why doesn't my 1600 calorie diet work anymore?"

by lisal
(Baton Rouge, LA)

I used a 1600 calorie diet before and lost 30 pounds. Now I need to lose 75 pounds, but the scale won't budge an ounce.

Hi Lisal,

There may be a physical reason for not losing weight. Have you talked to your family physician or had a checkup recently? Once your doctor finds no physical reasons to prevent weight loss, you can choose between several weight loss options.

You didn't say how old you are or what kind of physical condition you are in. As we age, hormonal changes and muscle loss account for the average American woman gaining 1.5 pounds per year.

Add increased calorie consumption, less physical activity and a metabolism destabilized by years of dieting, and you can gain a great deal of weight in a short time.

People ask me this question all the time. "Why doesn't my old diet work anymore?"

First, your old diet never worked in the first place. Sure it helped you lose 30 pounds. But now you need to lose 75. If the diet really worked you wouldn't regain weight. It's the wrong diet.

When a diet is what you do to lose weight, you will most certainly regain it.

You need a healthy diet plan that allows you to lose and maintain your ideal body weight for a lifetime. Not for a brief period while you gain back more than twice what you lost.

Second, you're using the same diet, but you are no longer the same person. You only needed to lose 30 pounds the first time. To assume your metabolism and other calorie burning functions are as efficient today at 75 pounds overweight may be a little naive.

For instance, one pound of fat burns about three calories per day compared to one pound of muscle which burns 70 calories per day.

A general rule of thumb is, the more overweight you are the more your calorie burning efficiency hibernates.

Third, you didn't mention your level of physical activity. Usually the heavier a person becomes the less physical activity they get.

This is unfortunate because you can't lose weight and keep it off without consistent physical activity. The older you get, the less calories you burn. To compensate, you can drastically reduce calories as you age or increase physical activity.

I have not met one person who lost weight permanently and did not participate in some form of physical activity on a regular basis.

There could be many reasons the old 1600 calorie diet standby isn't working anymore. My advice is simple. Review my web site thoroughly and you will see the big picture. Diets don't work. Never have. You have only three options…

  1. Do nothing and try to keep from gaining more weight.
  2. Diet and gain it back. Spend your life on the diet merry-go-round.
  3. Live a naturally thin life without any weight issues.

Diets are the wrong way to lose weight. As long as you continue to diet you may continue to regain more weight in bounce back pounds.

People who suffer obesity have one thing in common. A long history of dieting. I think it's more than mere coincidence. Don't you?

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I know you are frustrated, concerned and maybe even a little scared. Don't be! You have every resource within you necessary to succeed! You only need to make a commitment to learn how.

Excellent! Keep me posted,

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