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by Debbt
(Alberta, Canada)

Eight weeks ago I made the decision to start to eat better, giving up on the late night Doritos and soda. Now my diet is not perfect by any means but I try to keep it around the 1500 calorie mark. I am a 58 year old female and currently weight 207 lbs. After a couple weeks of eating better I decided it was time to indulge myself in a fitness program.

It is a tough workout for me. One hour long, half strength using small free weights, my own body weight and/or bungie cords. The other half hour is treadmill work, increasing and decreasing incline. They monitor my heart rate that often gets up to 170 but I am now learning how to not have that happen and decrease the intensity.

ANYWAY, all that is great but I have not lost one pound. The goal was to lose weight with the feeling better part just icing on the cake if it were to happen. I am taking a calcium and vitamin D supplement, a B50 tablet. I start my day almost everyday using Isagenix Protein with Kale and Blueberries in it.

What the heck am I doing wrong that I am not shedding the pounds like I really want!!! Workouts are Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, one hour each.

Hi Debbt!

1. Diet does not have to be perfect to lose weight. It's how much and how often we eat that causes weight gain, not the kinds of foods we eat. Wouldn't suggest going below the 1500 calorie mark because it does more harm than good physically and emotionally. But you probably already knew that!

2. Bravo for seeking the help of a professional in the physical activity portion of your plan! Your trainer will help you learn how to prevent injuries, exercise correctly and monitor your heart rate. I learned a lot from my trainer and consider it an investment well made.

Based on my clients experience I suggest making one change (or addition) to your workout. Substitute (or add to) the treadmill with walking. The reason for this suggestion is the mixed results clients report with their treadmill work. Granted, this was my own informal survey conducted over several years, including many types of treadmills. I've also seen some studies that suggest treadmills don't get the same kind of physical results that walking does.

Remember, there are TWO major benefits to exercise. The calories you burn while exercising AND the muscle you build. One pound of muscle burns 70 calories per day while a pound of fat burns three calories. In other words, you burn more calories while you sit around doing nothing when you build muscle. Note that all muscles are not created equal. Think long, lean muscles (like swimmers, walkers, skaters, etc. develop) as opposed to heavy weight lifters that build short, bulky muscles. See 3 Types of Exercises for Losing Weight for more.

3. Not sure about what you start your day with. Have you perhaps added some calories without realizing it?

4. You mentioned you haven't lost weight. Have you lost inches? If you have, that means you are replacing body fat with muscle, a good thing. Then you should continue what you are doing because it is working.

If you haven't lost inches, make adjustments to the physical activity part of your plan.

And don't worry, the side benefit of feeling better you mentioned builds over time. Something almost every client I've ever had the pleasure of getting to know, mentioned during their weight loss. Energy increases with weight loss (or size loss) and physical activity.

At the risk of repeating myself, it's always a good idea to check with the family doctor before beginning any weight loss of exercise program. Tell them what you are planning to do and they can review any medications you may be taking or other physical situation that could interfere or prevent weight loss.

Excellent! Thanks so much for writing in!

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