Low calorie foods don't have to taste like cardboard & straw!

Weight loss recipes for real food, like homemade cherry pie. Photo/Cosmic KittyLosing weight doesn't mean giving up real food. Homemade fresh cherry pie, anyone?

Weight loss recipes don't have to taste like a diet. Reduce fat (36 calories per teaspoon) and sugar (16 calories per teaspoon) in your current recipes and transform familiar foods to low calorie recipes. Reduce fat and sugar a mere 15% each and you lose weight - eating the exact same food and meals you eat now.

Scientists agree, the more meals you eat at home the less likely you are to be overweight. Fast, good and simple recipes that taste good are an important part of that formula.

This section offers my client's favorite simple recipes, low calorie foods and special REAL FOOD recipes. Along with tips to painlessly reduce calories in your own favorite recipes.

Most are fast, good and simple meals. They are healthy and taste good. You be the judge. I use every one of these recipes often.

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