20 Facts On Obesity #9

Stuck in a weight loss plateau? Photo/Paul DowneyAre your weight loss efforts stuck in the mud? Find out what causes weight loss plateaus and what to do about it here.

A weight loss plateau is the gateway to commitment breakdown and diet failure. Most facts about obesity give few clues to what causes them or how to break through and go beyond.

Plateaus can be defined by a period of no weight loss following a period of losing weight. As you lose weight your body needs fewer calories. The result is you bottom out. To continue to lose more weight from this point you may need to reduce calories further, increase physical activity or both.

A plateau is synonymous with weight loss misery. And important enough to justify in-depth comment on this 20 Facts On Obesity list. Almost all of my clients experienced a plateau. That stopped when I met a strength and conditioning coach for a professional football team. What he taught me literally eliminates plateaus.

How to Avoid Weight Loss Plateaus Completely

How is this possible? A healthy diet plan with a sliding degree of portion reduction combined with increases in physical activity eliminates plateaus.

This works for most with a few exceptions. One exception -- muscle builders. Which is a good thing. Muscle weighs more than fat, it's tighter and has form. You could possibly not lose any weight on the scale, while losing significant inches. This is what you strive for. Replace fat with muscle and you burn 70 calories per pound of muscle compared to only three calories per pound of fat. This is an acceptable "plateau" because you're reaching your ideal body weight by inch reduction caused by muscle development. A good thing!

Most other weight plateaus are undeserved and painful. I'm not going to comment here on the self-imposed weight plateaus caused by falling off the proverbial diet band wagon. But the plateau experienced by the honest, committed weight loser.

The "I'm Stuck" Dilemma

90% of all weight plateaus can be avoided. The very best way to end an existing weight plateau is to shock your system by doubling your physical activity routine and making the necessary nutritional changes to make your metabolism more efficient.

The only thing you should read into a plateau is -- you've done a good job so far, but you need to do a little more if you want to lose more weight.

Nip it in the Bud with a Healthy Diet Plan

A healthy diet plan should be designed to eliminate or reduce the plateau with the diet plan itself. For instance, the Foolproof Weight Loss Solution prevents plateaus by being flexible. How much you want to lose and how fast you want to lose it will determine the amount of portion reduction and physical activity required.

It can be this easy...
(based on eating 2500 calories per day)

  • reduce portions 25% = 625 calories reduced daily
  • you eat 1,875 calories a day
  • you lose 65 pounds in a year with a 25% portion reduction
  • walk 30 minutes, five days a week
  • lose 15 pounds from increased physical activity in a year
  • total weight loss is 80 pounds

If you want to speed up weight loss, increase walking time to 45 minutes everyday and lose an additional 16 pounds in a year. Or add another activity to your existing routine. See 10 Best Exercises for Weight Loss for the activities my clients prefer.

Don't want to increase physical activity time? Simply reduce portions an additional 8% to 33% and you lose an additional 21 pounds. If you're in a hurry you can do both and lose 117 pounds in 12 months. Mathematical fact. Walk 45 minutes everyday. Reduce a 2500 calorie diet by 33% and you lose 9.75 pounds per month. Or 2.4 pounds per week, average weight loss. Not bad for not having to give up your favorite foods. Plus completely avoiding the stagnancy of an emotionally grueling weight loss plateau.

Flexibility is Key

Flexibility allows you the freedom to make adjustments to your own diet. That freedom is the primary component of eliminating a plateau. You know what you're eating. You know if you are losing weight. You can either increase physical activity, reduce portions, or both to speed up or slow down weight loss. The biggest complaint I get about the Foolproof Weight Loss Solution is the freedom and flexibility it offers.

Take the emotional power out of plateaus. Understand the cause and correct it. Do not start thinking, "What's the use? This isn't going anywhere!" If you hit a bump in the road, don't go off the deep end and scream, "I was meant to be fat, where's the ice cream, pizza and beer?" Make the necessary adjustments and continue unscathed. Beat the dreaded evil weight loss plateau with a healthy diet plan that combines simple portion reduction with easy physical activity. The result will be a larger percent of body muscle mass that burns calories 24/7 plus a more efficient metabolism. A winning weight loss strategy that makes the weight loss plateau completely avoidable.


Weight loss plateaus are a gateway to diet failure. Breakthrough plateaus with an increase in physical activity and decreased calorie consumption. Or avoid plateaus with a healthy diet plan like the Foolproof Weight Loss Solution.

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