20 Facts on Obesity #12

Weight loss maintenance is exactly what it says it is. Maintaining ideal body weight. I have problems with having to take special actions to maintain something that should occur naturally… our ideal body weight.

I do not consider this a viable, reliable or effective way to achieve genuine weight loss. Or live a naturally thin life. Maintaining means monitoring and that is not natural.

Weight maintenance describes the period between reaching your ideal body weight and regaining the first ounce.

Weight Loss Maintenance & Support

Numerous studies and reports claim all kinds of benefits from weight loss motivation and support systems. My personal experience is completely contrary to that of current weight loss science.

You do not need motivation or support to eat food you enjoy in quantities that satisfy. The only conceivable need for motivation or support would be for someone to push you out the door for exercise. Keep your weight loss effort invisible, share it with only those who need to know, like your family doctor.

Motivation and support are only needed if you're craving, suffering, deprived or in emotional turmoil. Then it's not very effective. Any real healthy diet plan prevents the need for motivation and support with a plan that can be followed for life. Based on the dieters own preferred foods. Short of surgery or a controlled environment, it's the only realistic and practical way to NOT regain weight.

Eat what you like and enjoy. Control portions. Get rid of the really harmful stuff like bag snacks and soft drinks. You should have the same type of motivation to lose weight as you have to brush your teeth every morning. Both are self-maintenance.

To learn more about the effect motivation has on losing weight and what my clients said worked for them, see Motivation for Weight Loss Exposed.

Real Perspective

Think about maintaining your weight like you maintain your teeth. That's the only maintenance required when you eat a diet consisting of your preferred foods. Combine increased physical activity and an active lifestyle and a miracle happens. You build muscle that burns fat 24/7. Your metabolic efficiency improves.

I know of no other way to lose weight permanently. And I'm wary of any diet or weight loss maintenance plan that requires more than the obvious. You start maintaining weight when you lose the first ounce.

What happens when motivation sputters, and support runs its course? Do you abandon the maintenance routine and return to familiar habits? Crazy as that sounds, most do exactly that.

Diets fail because they end. Weight is regained as a result of ideal body weight not being maintained. When maintenance ends. Regain begins.

Women & Obesity

Women and obesity are linked by many factors. There's more pressure on women to maintain ideal body weight in our society. Biological and hormonal issues put the female persuasion at a decided disadvantage when it comes to losing weight.

Weight maintenance for women can be the most pressurized aspect of weight loss. Not reaching a weight loss goal is disappointing. Regaining every pound that took months to lose is an emotional tragedy. Not good for self-image, esteem or confidence.

Try this instead. Focus on your long term goal of natural thinness rather than weight loss maintenance and the eventual weight regain.

Weight Loss Maintenance

Diets require motivation because diets cause deprivation. They're difficult to stay on and follow. Not natural. Not what you're used to. Not what you enjoy or prefer.

Once you reach ideal body weight you are required to observe a weight maintenance routine. If and when you stop following it you regain weight.

Danger Zones occur at four weeks, followed by six months and the three year mark after reaching ideal body weight. It is at these times women are likely to return to former habits and harmful behavior.


My goal is to express to you what I've seen work and not work for overweight people based on my clients experiences. Weight loss maintenance is a myth. Let's be realistic. How much motivation, support and maintenance do you need to eat well -- stop when full, and take a daily stroll? That's it. All the maintenance you need. Eat well -- stop when full and take a daily stroll. Which is the exact same thing you did to lose weight. Do it every day and you are rewarded with a naturally thin life.