Practical weight loss help for people who can't stay on a diet...

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Stop dieting and lose weight for good with the Invisible Weight Loss Newsletter -- Proven effective weight loss help you can rely and depend on

What You Care About Most

Your Invisible Weight Loss Newsletter is delivered weekly. One hundred four issues packed with exciting new weight loss information. But that's only the icing on the cake...

Beauty Tips -- You get real Hollywood beauty tips I learned producing video training, television commercials, infomercials and an Emmy Award winning food documentary. This is insider information that can help you look your very best before, during and after you reach your ideal body weight.

Fashion Tips -- You don't have to look like a frump in clothes three sizes too big when you lose weight. Learn how to stay in fashion without going broke while losing every pound you want. Simple fashion solutions for every budget.

Health Tips -- Best ways to feel your best. How to dramatically and painlessly improve your nutrition. Foods that damage health and foods that encourage health.

Fitness Tips -- Most effective workouts. Best workouts for older folks. Big time calorie burning activities. FASTEST WAY TO YOUTHFUL VIGOR AND GIDDY-UP ENERGY.

Myths Exposed -- Dangerous and damaging diet and health myths exposed. No such thing as willpower. Why motivation makes weight loss miserable. THE SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT CALORIE DEPRIVATION, CAVE AND CRAVE DIETS AND HOW THEY CAN SHUT DOWN METABOLIC EFFICIENCY.

Self-esteem -- Ever see a successful anything without self-esteem? Find out where it went, how to get it back and use it for certain weight loss.

Recipes -- After working with thousands of people for the last three decades, I've collected over four thousand delicious recipes. Most are fast, good and simple. I share the best with you.

Cheats & Shortcuts -- I've collected more weight loss cheats and shortcuts than recipes. My clients discovered how to lose weight in the real world. Your Invisible Weight Loss Newsletter is loaded with practical, doable and effective ways to get those extra pounds off now.

Weight Loss Help -- You will get hundreds of free diet tips that actually work. Most importantly, your Invisible Weight Loss Newsletter will give you critical information necessary to reach and maintain your ideal body weight for life.

Personal Tips & Insights -- I'm not bragging when I say I'm one of the most experienced weight loss experts on the planet today. My clients results prove it. I teach you what successful weight losers taught me. What works, what doesn't and why.

Your Invisible Weight Loss Newsletter
simplifies weight loss so you can
be successful... And wear skinny jeans!

Invisible Weight Loss Newsletter -- weight loss help for people who can't stay on a diet

Your newsletter is short and sweet. Quality, useful and beneficial information that requires three to five minutes to read. I include dumb jokes to make you laugh and start your day with a smile.

Don't expect sales talk or advertising. Your Invisible Weight Loss Newsletter is for your benefit, not an advertiser's. Trust me on this one. The only selling I do may be an occasional reference to one of my products or a link to a free page on my web site.

Bottom line is your Invisible Weight Loss Newsletter packs an information punch that will knock off pounds and deliver a thin, slim, trim, ideal body weight when applied.

Here's a small sample of the inside information you get.

  • Lose up to 2.5 pounds per week eating the same food you eat now. Issue #60

  • Why you regain weight, how to prevent it. Issue #34

  • Little known cheats, shortcuts and diet tips that dramatically speed up weight loss. Issue #6

  • How to avoid cravings so you can reach your ideal body weight without pain, suffering or self-deprivation. Issue #13

  • The all-time, #1 proven best way to lose weight. Issue #16

  • Hidden causes of obesity revealed and why they go unnoticed. Issue #11

  • Why natural sunlight gets better weight loss results than indoor workouts. Issue #22

  • Best colors to make you appear smaller and more trim. Issue #4

  • What type of garments flatter your personal body type most. Issue #10

  • Free Weight Loss Help Hotline -- Ask a question, I respond personally. Just Ask The Coach! Issue #60

  • Dietzilla's are made, not born... avoid diet drama completely. Issue #5

  • Binge warning signs so you can put on the brakes instead of driving over the cliff. Issue #41

  • Say less and weigh less! Why you should throw support groups and diet buddies under the bus. Issue #2

  • Transform a tired metabolism into a barnburner in only a few minutes a day. So easy, a three year old can do it. Issue #42

  • Single most important factor for weight loss and living a naturally thin life... MY PERSONAL DISCOVERY. Issue #62

  • 15 questions that reveal insights to your true character. Issue #24

  • Banish weight loss worries with my super successful weight loss client's big discovery. Issue #60

  • How to stop dieting and lose weight with a genuine healthy diet plan you can follow for life. Issue #21

  • How to avoid dieting drama and emotional turmoil that drive you crazy. Issue #41

  • Why the need for motivation insures weight loss failure and bounce back regain. Issue #2

  • How to live a naturally thin life without PAINFUL DIETING! Issue #19

  • Laugh a lot, lose a lot. I prove it. You be the judge. Issue #1

  • 3 easy steps to adopting a healthy glow. Issue #23

  • How weather influences what you eat and can make you fat. Issue #20

  • 10 underrated diet tips that can deliver instant weight loss results. Issue #6

  • Why you should reach ideal body weight so you can GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE! Issue #53

  • Cheap, easy ways to look your best and stay in fashion when you lose weight. Issue #10

  • Put a dead halt stop to creeping corpulence before it makes you its next victim. Issue #62

  • 5 factors that determine weight loss success or failure. Issue #11

  • Foolproof way to beat the "hungries" every time. Issue #31

  • Foods that contain painful headache causing TYRAMINE! Issue #42

  • Recipes that make bland tasting vegetables explode in your mouth with flavor. Issue #15

  • How to help your entire family lose weight... without their knowledge. Issue #48

  • How to manage your time so you can manage your weight. Issue #54

You get all this weight loss help delivered to your in-box in time for your morning cup of coffee. Your Invisible Weight Loss Newsletter will guide you every step of the way. It will help you avoid the pitfalls and common weight loss mistakes that cause diet disease.

And that's just the first 90 days...

Dear Reader,

Early in my career I made the mistake of teaching my clients how to diet. They lost weight eating a low rocks, high stones, cardboard, crave and cave diet. Then they regained every pound in a third of the time it took to lose.

I asked folks why they regained weight and the overwhelming majority said they couldn't stay on the diet. They craved their favorite foods. Fought the cravings with willpower and motivation. But eventually gave in. Binges followed causing additional weight gain.

Only when I began teaching how to live a naturally thin life instead of how to diet did my client's begin to have real and genuine, lasting weight loss success.

I learned you won't eat foods you don't like. If you don't enjoy what you eat you won't eat it for long. Ironic as it sounds...

You can't lose weight
when you are starving

And that's what the Invisible Weight Loss Newsletter is really about. A bonanza of real world health, fitness, fashion, beauty and weight loss tips combined in one comprehensive 104 issue package, for the sole purpose of helping you reach your ideal body weight and live a naturally thin life.

Don't delay, start today

Your Invisible Weight Loss Newsletter and this web site are the results of my research and experience with thousands of weight losers over three decades time.

Many of these powerful strategies and super effective weight loss tips were discovered by my clients. Frankly, the weight loss secrets, strategies, tips, hints, cheats and shortcuts that you read in this newsletter and on this web site are the exact same weight loss techniques used by the most successful weight losers I've known. Best of the best.

Your Invisible Weight Loss Newsletter
cuts through the clutter,
confusion and chaos

Using a traditional diet to lose weight is like brushing your teeth with a chain saw. Doesn't work. Wrong tool for the job.

Don't believe much of the diet information available today. It's wrong. Inaccurate. And sometimes dangerous to your health.

Instead of another diet consider this. What you read in the Invisible Weight Loss Newsletter are not merely words. But templates. Instructions. Proven weight loss methods developed by the same folks who lived it and experienced results.

Rare, unique and interactive

Rare & Unique: Your Invisible Weight Loss Newsletter gives you valuable information that works for weight loss. Proven by mathematical fact... the result of real world experience... not classroom theory!

Interactive: Your Invisible Weight Loss Newsletter will have links to more detailed information on my web site. If you have a question, simply submit it to the Ask The Coach section of this site.

Your Invisible Weight Loss Newsletter is our daily contact. It keeps you focused on what you want most. Living your life in a thin, fit, healthy body. And it's only a click away. Here's the biggest benefit to subscribing to the Invisible Weight Loss Newsletter...

You lose the most amount of weight in the shortest time with the least amount of risk, expense, hassle or fuss!

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Unlike other plans that only give you a gratuitous 30 day conditional guarantee, Invisible Weight Loss offers a full 60 days to give you more than enough time to decide if it is EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT!

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