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IWL Newsletter Issue #10

How To Stay In Fashion
While Losing Weight

Resale store tips that help you stay in fashion while losing weight.

Get over the resale myth and
look like a million bucks
while losing weight.

Most of us mere mortals don't have the cash to buy a new Neiman Marcus wardrobe every month while losing weight. So what can we do to keep from looking frumpy and lost in our now two sizes too big wardrobe?

One of my clients owned a resale clothes shop and came up with the perfect solution. She made a presentation on the subject at one of our group discussions. It blew the group away.

First of all, you have to get over the "cheap clothes" myth. My client held up a designer dress that cost $420 off the rack at Carson Pirie Scott department store. She bought it at a Good Will store for $38. Mint condition, it looked unworn.

She explained she purchased inventory at consignment shops, church resale shops, yard sales, auctions, designer discount and surplus stores. You could hear fifty jaws hit the floor as she explained she marked up most items by at least 100% but average mark-up was 300%!

She taught our group how to recognize a quality made garment regardless of brand name or label.

  • Make sure all hems are large and even.
  • Tight stitching made with quality thread that matches the garments fabric.
  • Make sure stripes and plaid garments match at the seams while being worn.
  • Make sure all seam edges are finished and unfrayed.
  • Seams should be a half to one inch. A sign of quality workmanship.
  • Look for quality linings. Poorly made garments will have a tight, attached lining. Look for a loose lining instead. It wears well.
  • Check all collars for a felt backing, especially on wool garments. It will retain shape and lay better.
  • Nothing reveals quality more than the actual fabric and material used for buttons. Avoid plastic. Wood and brass say expensive.
  • Make sure button holes properly align and are stitched so the buttons have a firm fit.

After showing us how to identify quality garments she showed our class a box of clothes she purchased at a lawn sale for $12. My husband, who happened to wander in during the presentation, bought a leather jacket from the box for $60. By the time the lady was done, she had sold almost every garment in the box. She walked out with $397. My husband got his $320 leather sport jacket, that fit perfectly, for $60. EVERYBODY WAS HAPPY.

A person losing a lot of weight should investigate Good Will, Salvation Army and various discount and resale shops. My best clothes, my designer suits, all were bought on the cheap. REAL CHEAP! No one knows but me. I spend what I save on more CHEAP DESIGNER CLOTHES!

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: If you spend infinite amounts of time cleaning your eye glasses with all manner of products, here's what works best. Use a piece of damp newspaper. Cleans great and doesn't scratch lenses like cloth, tissue or paper towels can.

BARB'S TIP: Did you know the average lemon has more sugar in it than the same weight strawberry?


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