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Reliable research on obesity was rare and speculative in the 1970s and 80s. Less than 30% of our society suffered from overweight compared to 66% today. It wasn't a big enough problem to warrant massive research. Obesity facts, data and statistics were not dependable.

This is not a scientific or academic study by any standard. But an opinion survey of 5,000 clients from my chain of weight loss clinics and students of my weight loss seminars and workshops. Virtually every client and student filled out a version of this survey from 1983 to 2006. I randomly selected 5,000 surveys out of more than 30,000 spanning a period of 23 years.

Questions on the Facts About Obesity Survey are the same questions on the survey taken by my clients and students, though some have been optimized for the Internet. No effort was made to document answers or to conduct a controlled study of the sample participants. Therefore you cannot rely on the information as hard scientific fact.

Obesity Facts

This type of research on obesity is rare because it's not a control group of students or volunteers from one area or university but 5,000 people from all across America. Each one a paying participant in a weight loss program, seminar or workshop. The vast majority could be considered hardened veterans of the weight loss wars.

I urge you to participate and take Facts About Obesity Survey yourself. You will benefit from learning many healthy weight loss tips discovered by the participants. You will see their errors and mistakes so you don't repeat them. You learn about little known causes of obesity that can be easily avoided. See how low carb diets stack up against high protein or low calorie diets. Find out what 5,000 overweight people say about the best exercises to lose weight. Or how many actually believe they can be naturally thin and live without weight issues. Plus, what the survey takers said was their best healthy weight loss tips.

The 77 multiple choice questions on the Facts About Obesity Survey will take three to five minutes to complete. Fill out the survey and answer every question. Then compare your answers to the answers of 5,000 survey respondents, Facts About Obesity Survey Results. Every overweight person I've known has a desire to live a naturally thin life. Taking this survey and participating in my continuing research on obesity will benefit you many times over.

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Take the Facts About Obesity Survey here. When you're finished, before clicking the submit button, print a copy of your responses. A copy of your answers will also be emailed to you. Next, view the Facts About Obesity Survey Results, complete with obesity facts and healthy weight loss tips. Compare your answers.

This survey is a valuable learning tool I've used for 20 plus years with extraordinary results. I've had people who struggled with weight loss for years, take this survey and say it told them what to avoid, what to do and how to do it.

So do your own important research on obesity and take the survey. Compare your answers to those of the 5,000 overweight survey participants. You will be rewarded with numerous healthy weight loss tips and obesity facts you can use to make living a naturally thin life a reality.

ANALYSIS: Facts About Obesity Survey

As a bonus to your survey I recommend reading my comprehensive analysis, Research on Obesity Dishes the Dirt About Diets, and obesity facts revealed by the respondents.

The analysis is my opinion based on survey data, research on obesity, obesity facts and my experience as a weight loss coach consultant author, lecturer and weight loss clinic owner. This is real valuable stuff so take advantage of it. Take the SURVEY then compare your answers to those on the SURVEY RESULTS. Then read the ANALYSIS. Your valuable time will be well spent and pay multiple rewards.

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