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Dishes the Dirt About Diets

Research on obesity findings. Photo/ revealed in research on obesity.

Research on obesity comes from many sources. Public surveys, government data, university and association studies.

The Facts About Obesity Survey is a sample of 5,000 surveys from over 30,000 collected between 1983 to 2006. Approximately half are from clients of my weight loss clinics. The other half from attendees of my seminars and workshops. Each survey selected was completed, no questions unanswered. Every survey participant paid a fee for my service. The survey was part of the application/registration form at my clinics, seminars and workshops.

Some of the questions on the survey have been optimized for the Internet but are generally unchanged from the questions asked on the original surveys.

The most obvious common trait of the survey participants is they all suffered from a weight condition. The majority had lost and regained weight several times.

The biggest difference between my survey and most research on obesity is my participants had attempted to lose weight and failed, or regained it. Their experience was different than a university student or paid volunteer participating in a university or association study.

Survey Analysis

The participants of this survey were knowledgeable about the realities of dieting and the difficult task of overcoming real world weight loss obstacles.

This survey was not taken over the telephone, snail mail, Internet or from any data base. I met seminar attendees briefly, spent two entire days with workshop students and logged 10,000 hours of sessions with clients in my clinics. I personally met every participant.

And that's what makes this research on obesity completely unique and different than any other I've discovered. IT'S 100% REAL TIME! This is not a scientific study. But an opinion poll of 5,000 overweight people who had just paid a fee for assistance in finding a workable solution. The participants came from all walks of life. Lived coast to coast. The sample of survey participants were taken over a 23 year period.

5,000 Opinions Analyzed

My research on obesity is for learning. An educational tool. Not a scientific document offering anything more than a survey participants opinion based on personal experience. And that's exactly why the Facts About Obesity Survey and analysis is valuable to you. An education in what works, what doesn't, what to avoid, clear and obvious common traits of success and also failure. Real life facts and statistics of obesity.

I give you my analysis, opinion, findings and assumptions based on the data revealed in the survey and my personal experience working with overweight people.

I relied on the information from surveys, questionnaires and interviews with my clients. My book and the Foolproof Weight Loss Solution course are based on that information. It's time we give people what they want. Not what "food police" think they need. Once I started listening to my client's needs and discoveries, results increased, regained weight decreased and my clients enjoyed consistent, low pressure, plateau free weight loss. Keep reading. It's a valuable education for anyone wanting to lose weight.

Contradictions & Anomalies

Contradictions and mathematical anomalies are common in opinion polls. I'll show you how I analyze the contradictions. The Facts About Obesity Survey is divided into six different categories. Many questions are relevant in more than one category.

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