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110 Quick Weight Loss Tips is not about fast weight loss. Many of my healthy weight loss tips will speed up weight loss. But speed should never be sacrificed for permanence. Many of the following tips discuss aspects of the psychology of weight loss.

Best Quick Weight Loss Tips

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Before I distributed this list to my clients and workshop attendees, there was 100% confusion about what their involvement in the weight loss process would be. My 110 Quick Weight Loss Tips was an instant hit.

110 QWL TIPS :: #1-37.

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110 QWL TIPS #75-110

This list is a result of my years helping people lose weight. 110 snap shots of learning, successes, failures, mistakes, victories, epiphanies and insights into real life weight loss. Not the same old stuff, that’s for sure. Read the following quick weight loss tips and see if you agree. If not, we’re still friends!

1. Don’t Try So Hard
Every time you lose weight you get psyched up, pumped up and make your diet a magnificent obsession. What goes up must come down. Instead of repeating past mistakes, approach weight loss with the same emotional level as doing your weekly laundry. An emotional flat line. A task. Not an event.

2. De-emotionalize
How many times have runaway emotions or boredom destroyed your weight loss efforts? DE-EMOTIONALIZE! Complete your task with all the emotion of a good spring cleaning.

3. Give Yourself a Break
Instead of repeating old mistakes with a dieting mentality of, “I’m going to lose 30 pounds in 60 days.” Try this, “I’m going to maintain ideal weight and live a naturally thin life.” This is long term. You have the remainder of your life to enjoy at your ideal weight. Why screw it up with a 60 day goal that ENDS after you lose 30 pounds? The only successful weight loss is lasting weight loss.

4. Lifetime Pursuit
The very best psychology of weight loss I’ve researched reveals that making living thin naturally a lifetime pursuit, instead of going on “another diet,” dramatically increases your possibility of lasting success.

5. Eat More Fun Food
Eat fiber and you can enjoy a reasonable amount of fun food with reduced consequence. However, you may not want the fun food because fiber fills you up and reduces calorie intake all day. This is one of those healthy weight loss tips that benefits anyone who is losing weight.

6. Stop Feeling Self-conscious
Yes, people look at you and you know what they’re thinking and you’re probably right. That’s THEIR PROBLEM DARLIN’, NOT YOURS! Stop thinking about what other people think. You know what kind of person you are. Their behavior demonstrates shallowness. So why let it influence you? Focus on your task, not what others think.

7. Fast Weight Loss Dangers I
Fast weight loss diets attack the body’s will to survive. Extreme calorie deprivation will result in the body’s reaction to a perceived threat of starvation brought on by hunger. Your body responds by STORING FAT and burning carbohydrates and water. Your metabolism slows to conserve energy. Becomes less efficient in time resulting in regaining more weight.

8. Peppermint Pattie Time
A York Peppermint Pattie has 140 calories and 2.5 grams of fat. Compared to 210 calories and 13 grams of fat for a couple of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Make this exchange everyday for a year and you lose 7 pounds.

Best Quick Weight Loss Tips

9. Best Quick Weight Loss Tips
If you hate dieting and want to lose weight in a reasonable time without grief, setbacks or emotional rebellion, see Portion Perversions for detailed info on portion sizes here. And don't miss the Gallery of Portion Size Pictures for visual proof.

10. Healthy Weight Loss Tips Alert
The best overall healthy activity for the non-sports professional is walking. So says world renowned Olympic gymnast coach, Béla Károlyi.

11. Walk to Live
Research proves walking can extend your life. Walk in the morning because your walk releases endorphins, levels blood sugar and is a great anti-depressant and stress manager.

12. Have Your OREO Cookies & Eat It, Too
Separating the cookies of an Oreo and just eating the frosted half will reduce calories approximately 30%.

13. Avoid Lines & Crowds
Grocery shop on Wednesdays. It’s the stores slowest day of the week. Avoid the lines and crowds and take advantage of fresh re-shelving.

14. No Lifestyle Change
One of my clients ate a fairly healthy diet but was chained to a desk ten hours a day, six days a week with her own business. She ate a Snickers bar in her brown bag lunch everyday. She lost 37 pounds in one year by eliminating that one candy bar and beginning a morning walking routine of 30 minutes, five days a week. NO OTHER CHANGES WERE REQUIRED.

15. Craving Terminator
Eat a fiber rich breakfast and benefit all day. Fiber fills you up and is the all time #1 craving terminator. Eat fiber and you eat less.

16. The 29 Pound Snickers Bar
If you eat a Snickers bar every day, then stop, you lose 29 pounds in one year. One candy bar a day, 29 pounds. No diet, no exercise.

Best Quick Weight Loss Tips

17. Best Quick Weight Loss Tips
Soluble fiber is the best fiber and steel cut oats is one of the best soluble fibers. Steel cut oats require approximately 30 minutes to prepare but tastes much better than regular oats. I use Quaker Steel Cut Oats with two teaspoons of sugar and 2% milk. The best healthy weight loss tips are the ones that taste better. Quaker Steel Cut Oats are in that category.

18. More Psychology of Weight Loss Alert
Cravings are thoughts. Your brain is only capable of thinking about one thing at a time. Use thought interruption to think of something else and the craving disappears. Best thought interrupters are problems and solutions, visual day dreams and sexual fantasies.

19. Chicken Police
Consumer Reports compared 525 chickens from 27 different brands. They reported in January 2007 that just 17% had no trace of salmonella and campylobacter. Every healthy weight loss tips list should include cooking chicken to 185° fahrenheit. Undercooked chicken can make you sick or worse.

20. Exercise For the Aging
The best exercises for older people should emphasize keeping joints loose and fluid. Gently and purposefully flex and rotate head, neck, torso and arms. Walking, swimming and riding a stationary bike are all excellent for these folks.

21. Here Comes the Sun
Build bones by exercising outside. Sunlight and physical activity reduce calcium loss which can weaken bones. Play in the sun but don’t overdo it.

22. Stretch Out
Take long steps when you walk. It increases intensity and lengthens and strengthens leg and hip muscles. Also benefits the abdominals.

23. Picnic Party
One of my clients offers this gem. She picnics every other weekend with her husband and two young boys. She makes her own mustard potato salad, uses my sweet cole slaw recipe, roast corn on the cobb and kabobs with shrimp, lean pork tenderloin, red and yellow peppers and pineapple. She says hiking and keeping track of the kids is a great cardio workout and the meal has less calories per person than a Big Mac Meal. Sounds like a lot of fun.

24. No Sweat
Some people hate to sweat. I’ve even heard that as an excuse for not exercising. Sweating is a natural and healthy bodily function. It opens up and cleans out pores. It also flushes out many of the body’s toxins. However, unexplained sweating can be a symptom of serious disease.

25. Health Diet Tips Alert
Symptoms of hypoglycemia like trembling, sweating, lightheadedness, weakness and heart palpitations can be caused by skipping meals, a high carbohydrate binge or drinking alcohol instead of eating a meal. The American Council of Science and Health says chronic hypoglycemia is rare. But if you suffer these symptoms, see your doctor.

26. 20 Facts on Obesity
See the 20 Facts on Obesity section of this site for valuable information on the best way to lose weight, 29 teen weight loss tips for parents, sequence of weight loss success, weight loss plateaus and much more.

27. Best Fish
The best fish are the ones with the lowest mercury amounts. Trout, salmon, catfish, bass and sardines.

Best Quick Weight Loss Tips

28. Best Quick Weight Loss Tips
By far the healthiest, ready to eat diet cereal is General Mills Fiber One, 60 calories, 1 gram of fat, 14 grams of fiber, zero sugar. My husband calls it “colon blow!”

Best Quick Weight Loss Tips

29. Best Quick Weight Loss Tips
Orthorexia nervosa describes an eating disorder of people who suffer a preoccupation or obsession with eating TOO HEALTHY. Just health food. Dr. Steven Bratman who identified the disorder explains, “Eating for pleasure is part of life, any move to give that up should be seen as a very radical and dramatic change.” Bravo! Wonder what the all or nothing food police will say? (Reprinted with permission from Barb's Foolproof Weight Loss Solution.)

30. How To Keep It Off
The best diet tips tell you how to keep weight off once you lose it. Most over complicate the subject. 1) Burn the same amount of calories you consume. 2) Add muscle and stamina with a combination of frequent cardiovascular and resistance activities. 3) Eat a healthy diet plan for the remainder of your life. SIMPLE!

31. Forbidden Foods & You
The bigger your forbidden food list, the less likely you are to achieve lasting weight loss results. So says a survey I conducted in 1996 of 350 people losing weight.

32. More Best Diet Tips Alert
The same 350 people said the best results were achieved in the shortest time by eliminating or drastically reducing bag snacks (like chips), soda and fast food visits. People who practiced these healthy weight loss tips accounted for 68% of the total weight lost by the group.

33. Hunger Headaches
If you get hunger headaches, hunger may not be the culprit but dehydration. Try water. If frequent headaches persist see your doctor.

Best Quick Weight Loss Tips

34. Best Quick Weight Loss Tips
All the experts recommend support groups, diet buddies and motivation. I did as well for years. Then I asked the question at a seminar where 300 weight losers told me I was wrong. Comments included:

  • adds unnecessary pressure
  • I feel like quitting when my buddy does better than I
  • why model failure with a support group
  • I don’t need someone asking about my diet everyday
  • my diet buddy was my biggest saboteur
On and on for a full 45 minutes! You can believe the experts and their controlled studies. Or you can ask yourself this simple question. Has a diet buddy or support group ever helped you lose weight and keep it off? Or do they just make you feel better about your failure? You decide.

35. Say Less — Weigh Less
This is another tip that flies in the face of the accepted psychology of weight loss. Conventional psychology recommends you tell everyone who will listen your weight loss goals and diet intentions. It’s supposed to motivate you because you will succeed rather than suffer the shame or guilt of failure in front of others. This is nonsense because one of the major reasons diets fail is the extreme pressure a dieter places on himself to succeed. When you tell others you intensify the pressure and obligation to perform. Your focus is on pounds lost today instead of living a naturally thin life. Don’t tell anyone. Keep weight loss invisible and you remove shame, guilt, humiliation and pressure from the equation. Say less — weigh less.

Best Quick Weight Loss Tips

36. Best Quick Weight Loss Tips
Ever wonder why you’re told to stay motivated? Why do you have to stay motivated to lose weight? Why do you have to stay motivated to look and feel better? Why do you have to stay motivated to do something you want to do that will benefit your life? When you accept you must stay motivated to lose weight you send one big huge message to your brain. I DON’T LIKE THIS, IT’S NOT FUN, I DON’T WANT TO DO IT SO I MUST STAY MOTIVATED. Think that will help you lose weight for a lifetime? See Motivation for Weight Loss Exposed for more information.

37. Taste Stimuli
The more you’re occupied with daily activities the less boredom eating, or what scientists call taste stimuli, will tempt you. End boredom and end boredom eating.

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