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20 Facts on Obesity #2

Obesity and health problems are a modern day fact of life. From mental health issues to heart disease. No intelligent person could argue that obesity and disease are not related.

The effects of obesity are obvious and cannot be denied. Proven scientific fact. The health related cost of obesity has been estimated to exceed $80 billion per year. Worse, health related problems are a collection of the most severe medical conditions and diseases.

Obesity ranks second to smoking as America's most preventable cause of death... here's why!

Obesity And Disease

Obesity and Health Problem #1 -- HEART DISEASE
Many heart attacks are the result of heart disease. This condition occurs when fatty plaque builds up in the arteries restricting blood flow to the body's organs. Obesity doubles the risk of heart disease.

Obesity and Health Problem #2 -- TYPE 2 DIABETES
80% of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese. A leading cause of death and major contributor to heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and blindness. If you want an obesity definition defined by a single disease, type 2 diabetes is it. An obesity disease if there ever was one.

Obesity and Health Problem #3 -- STROKE
Stroke can paralyze or even kill its victim. Obesity is one of many causes of stroke. Obesity can lead to fat deposits in the arteries. These may form blood clots that travel to the brain blocking blood and oxygen flow causing stroke.

The health effects of obesity cannot be disputed. Obesity significantly raises the risk factor for these and other diseases like sleep apnea and colon, breast, gallbladder cancer. Obesity and disease is real. Affecting not only your physical condition but your emotional and psychological health as well.

See Your Doctor

If you suffer from obesity, get a physical. Many health effects of obesity, like colon cancer, can be silent killers unless diagnosed early.

Reaching and maintaining your ideal weight for life is the best way to reduce the possibility of obesity and its effects. The only way to make sure obesity and disease are not in your future.

What To Do

Don't panic. Just because you have failed to lose weight in the past does not mean you will fail in the future.

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Obesity and its effects are real and severe. As obesity rates increase, those who suffer obesity related diseases also increase.


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