Nonfat evaporated milk instead of cream?

by Susan Dahl
(Durham, Ontario, Canada)

<em>Enjoying coffee without breaking the calorie bank.</em><br>Photo/Logan Brumm

Enjoying coffee without breaking the calorie bank.
Photo/Logan Brumm

Hi Barbara,

I'm looking to remove the cream from my coffee. It's tough. I've tried 1% and skim, even whole milk. Would nonfat evaporated milk be ok to use? I like the taste of that in my coffee.


P.S. I love the common sense weight loss you support and I love the jokes in the book!!!

Hi Susan,

Nothing worse than an unsatisfying cup of coffee! I switched from half and half to 1% milk some time ago. After a few days I got use to the taste difference and now it's my preference. But that's me, not you!

If you switch from half and half (39 calories in 2 tablespoons) to fat free evaporated milk (25 calories in 2 tablespoons) you save 14 calories (plus eliminate fat) per cup. Doesn't sound like much of a calorie savings does it? Drink two cups per day, in a week you've reduced 196 calories. In a year you've reduced enough calories to lose 2.9 lbs.

Since you like the taste of nonfat evaporated milk in your coffee, this is a winning exchange! For someone that objects to the taste difference, I would suggest looking for exchanges in other areas of their diet, or reducing the amount of coffee they drink (thereby reducing the amount of cream they consume), or increasing physical activity in order to compensate.

Remember, the most important aspect is your satisfaction with what you eat. Nobody likes to be punished and that's what it feels like when we give up something we enjoy.

Thanks for writing in and your kind words! I'll leave you with this dumb joke that made me chuckle the other day...

A man walks into a bar with a cheese sandwich under his arm. "A pint of Guinness for me and the cheese sandwich," he says to the barman.

"I'm sorry, sir," replies the barman, "we don't serve food in here."


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