20 Facts on Obesity #14

Naturally thin people do not diet. Photo/D. Sharon PruittDo thin people diet to stay slim?

Naturally thin people are resented by many overweight people. And it's just as wrong as a thin person's contempt for overweight folks.

I'm in the unique position of speaking to overweight people daily. One constant remains the same. Everybody wants to live a thin life. The resentment towards thin people is, in part, caused by envy. Which does not encourage lasting weight loss.

A client once described her experience losing 112 pounds and maintaining her weight loss for five years. She said "Naturally thin people live life while the overweight are content to watch it pass them by." Even though she was describing her personal experience, her comment made a lot of sense.

Facts and statistics of obesity are abundant. Yet few facts about living thin naturally exist. The real solution to America's obesity epidemic is not dieting, surgery or gathering more facts and statistics of obesity. But simply learning "how" to be naturally thin. It is a learned behavior, just like being overweight is a learned behavior. Neither just happen.

Naturally Thin Defined

You were not born fat, pre-disposed to overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. Being overweight is the result of a combination of factors and influences. Including environmental, biological, personal and learned behavior. We learn our habits and develop preferences over years of repetitive behavior.

Naturally thin people do not count calories. They eat what they want and stop when full. Rarely have seconds. Never diet. And spend little if anytime at all obsessing over their weight or making the right food choices.

Natural thinness is a reflection of a healthy, happy and active lifestyle.

Understand that maintaining ideal body weight and living thin naturally are different. Maintaining ideal body weight is what the formerly overweight do after the diet ends.

A naturally thin person has no diet. They eat what they want, are not burdened with weight issues. They don't really think about food until they get hungry. Then they eat in such a way they don't experience hunger or cravings.

The result is ideal body weight. Which makes weight loss and dieting a non-issue. Now compare that to the behavior of overweight folks and the solution becomes clear.

You Can Be Naturally Thin

Any healthy person can, if they're willing to make the commitment to do so.

Thin my entire life, I know what it is and what it requires. I teach my clients the art and science of natural thinness. It's not hard or difficult. Patience, time and commitment are necessary for success. Suffering, cravings and deprivation are NOT.

Living a thin life is the best way to put an end to chronic dieting. It's also THE ONLY SOLUTION!

20 Facts On Obesity Report

Review the entire 20 Facts On Obesity section of this web site. I also recommend the Portion Perversion section, followed by 110 Quick Weight Loss Tips. After review, take the Facts About Obesity Survey and compare your answers to 5,000 survey participants.

One thing should become obvious. Chronic dieting causes obesity and is not a valid strategy for ending obesity. It only exasperates the problem.

Few overweight people have experience living a thin life. Most make the serious mistake of believing it is about food choices, dieting and weight loss. It's NOT.

It's about inner happiness, contentment and emotional satisfaction. Food is not my friend but fuel for my body. I enjoy eating but it does not rule my world.

Living thin naturally can be defined as being pre-occupied with life, living and the joy of being. The naturally thin people I know have an abundance of energy. They are physically active, involved, busy, engaged and focused on many things.


One of my clients said, "My definition of being naturally thin is a lifetime of going without." Spoken like a true dieter. Of course what is dieting if not a lifetime of going without?

Thin people do not starve or go without to remain thin. Totally untrue. If you want proof of what a 54 year old woman eats to maintain her 127 pounds, refer to my 28 Day Diet Diary on this web site. You be the judge.

I eat chocolate EVERYDAY. I eat at Mac's, Burger King, What-A-Burger and KFC. Ice cream, Cajun and Mexican food are favorites. I love fried food. When you see what I eat, you will see the myth that thin people sacrifice taste and satisfaction for their thin bodies is absurd.

I have just one food rule I never stray from. No bag snacks. Everything else is up for grabs.

To be naturally thin, assume the behaviors responsible for the ideal body weight of thin people. But first, reach ideal body weight in a way that does not encourage regain...

The only way I know to avoid diet regain is to eat a healthy diet plan that does not end when you reach your ideal weight.

The biggest myth? Going from frantic dieter to naturally thin is hard, difficult and impossible. I have seen people make the transition as easily as trying on a smaller size dress. And others who crumbled under the pressure of increased expectation.

I'm not exaggerating when I say the ease or difficulty in making this transition is in direct proportion to your commitment and determination to succeed.

Weight Loss is Easy --
Being Thin Requires Real Change

How many areas of your life would be different if you were living a thin life? Would it make life easier? Would you be happier? More healthy? Of course you would!

So instead of resenting thin people. Watch them. Duplicate what they do. The active lifestyle. The insignificance they place on second servings. And every other quirk, characteristic or trait that will help you join the ranks. We welcome you back in the family with open arms.

Losing weight is easy. Living thin naturally requires change. If you have already attained your ideal weight, significantly improved the nutrition value of your diet, exercise daily -- why do you need to be concerned with "living thin naturally?" Because that's how you were intended to be. And that's exactly why it works.


Stop thinking in terms of going on another diet. Instead of going on a diet with a goal of "I'm going to lose 30 pounds in 90 days." Try this, "I'm going to live a naturally thin life." I have seen the difference in the two strategies and it's no contest! Once you accept the responsibility for living a thin life you eliminate the need for a diet that ends.

The chaos and confusion of "I want it off right now" evaporates.  Simply by changing your goals from short term weight loss to long term natural thinness you increase the possibility of success.

Living a naturally thin life, at or near your ideal body weight, is the only way to achieve genuine, lasting weight loss. I know of no other way. The rewards are well worth the time and commitment. I've often wondered why anyone would suffer through a diet to only regain their weight? Make ideal body weight automatic when you live a naturally thin life. Bottom line -- it makes being happy a lot easier.

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