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Is motivation for weight loss a good strategy?Why is the "tell the town" diet strategy recommended by so many diet experts?

Motivation for weight loss is defined as: "to impel or incite." The word motivate is defined, "to provide with a motive."

There are two primary types of weight loss motivation -- autonomous and directed. My experience with both indicates one is much more effective than the other. Both come with benefits, limitations and drawbacks. In the final analysis, the importance of weight loss motivation is greatly exaggerated.

Directed Motivation for Weight Loss

Directed motivation is the tell-the-town diet strategy recommended by many diet experts. Tell everyone who will listen about your diet and weight loss goals. Get emotionally psyched-up. Put so much external and internal pressure on yourself to succeed that failure is not an option. The directed motivation for weight loss strategy works because telling everyone about your weight loss effort puts you in the position to endure public humiliation and shame if you fail. What experts have shown to be an excellent temporary motivator.

The long term effects of this pressure may result in depression, isolation and most certainly more binging leading to more diets! A failed strategy that succeeds in controlled studies, on television and Internet surveys -- but not in real life. Motivation doesn't last!

Directed motivation can come in many varieties. Including support groups, diet buddies or any program that advises you to publicize your diet or seek outside assistance. Another variety of directed motivation for weight loss includes intimidation. A good example would be the scream and yell "do it or die" approach used by the Biggest Loser diet plan television show.

Directed Motivation for Weight Loss Fails
Based On Past Results

I've used directed motivation. It's a myth. One of those nonsense weight loss laws of accepted common knowledge that fails miserably in the real world. The entire premise is wrong. You don't need motivation to stay on another diet. You need a workable solution for the pursuit of reaching and maintaining ideal body weight for life.

Directed motivation fails because it's a phony assumption from the beginning. What do you enjoy doing that you must motivate yourself to do? By admitting you need motivation for weight loss you say, "I don't like this, I don't enjoy it, I must stay motivated to succeed." So what happens when you reach your ideal body weight? Do you depend on your diet buddy or support group to keep you motivated? Now here's the million dollar question. What happens when your diet ends? Do you go back to the old favorites and gain back every pound? Where did your motivation for weight loss go? Many people have exactly that experience.

Directed motivation is wrought with danger as well. When the goal is not met, or lost weight is regained, the shame and guilt can be unbearable and lead to binging which may result in social isolation or depression. Staying up, rah-rah-rah, 24/7 is exhausting and requires a very committed person to sustain such an effort for long. Here's my two cents based on what people told me...

Motivation For Weight Loss is Impossible When You're Starving

If you experience cravings, hunger, emotional turmoil and you think motivation will insure you make the right decisions -- you are mistaken. Self-deprivation is not motivation. It's time we begin distinguishing one from the other.

Has self-deprivation ever worked for you as a lasting weight loss strategy? As soon as you admit the need for weight loss motivation you simultaneously admit your expectations for pain and suffering.

Directed motivation for weight loss is controlled by outside circumstances. I have had little lasting success with tell-the-town weight loss motivation. It's not only illogical, but impractical.

Most of the experts have it wrong about this type of motivation because they make the mistake of focusing on the physical and emotional act of weight loss instead of a healthy diet plan. A way to eat and live that insures certain weight loss and a lifetime of living thin naturally.

Let's make it simple. IF YOUR DIET REQUIRES MOTIVATION TO SUCCEED, IT WILL FAIL. Thin isn't a 60 minute football game. Pep talks are never heard over the roar of a growling stomach and a craving, tormented mind.

Autonomous Motivation for Weight Loss

Directed weight loss motivation has become a comedy routine cliche. The "do it or die" hyper emotional intimidation approach used on the Biggest Loser diet plan is a good example of TOUGH LOVE, GOOD TV AND DIRECTED WEIGHT LOSS MOTIVATION. These folks are really going public. Getting almost naked for national television every week. Think it would help you?

My clients enjoyed much more success with autonomous weight loss motivation than directed motivation. The difference is dramatic.

  1. The origins of autonomous weight loss motivation are genuine, not superficial. You're losing weight for the right reason. Not to fulfill a commitment to a diet buddy, support group, family or the jerk that's been asking you everyday, "How many pounds have you lost?" You're losing weight for you. No one else involved. No negative influences. No prying eyes, no unasked for opinions or unwanted comments. And none of the unnecessary pressure these situations create. You're on your own.

  2. Because you assume complete responsibility for success, the game is totally up to you to win or lose. There are no scapegoats. No sources of negative influence unless you allow it. Autonomous weight loss motivation is code for facing up to the hard fact no one can lose weight for you. You have to make the commitment, then make the right decisions. When you do that, success is insured. Weight loss is guaranteed by your own actions and behavior.

  3. Keeping weight loss autonomous is beneficial on many levels. Most dieters assume others will make allowances for their effort at weight loss. When allowances aren't forthcoming, the emotional apple cart is upset and self-pity is the first step taken to diet failure. It's also natural for tell-the-town dieters to draw attention to themselves. Setting up the infamous diet diva syndrome. Dietzillas can't stay on a diet long enough to reach ideal body weight. Diet divas reach their ideal body weight, announce to the world, "I will never be fat again." Then crumble under the strain of public humiliation as most regain weight faster than it was lost. Autonomous weight loss motivation avoids all the usual dieting pitfalls by making your weight loss effort a private one. One that you control without any outside influences.

Autonomous Motivation for Weight Loss
Drawbacks & Limitations

As good as autonomy is, there are obvious drawbacks. The most obvious being the fact you still require motivation for weight loss success. You still are trying to find the ultimate answer to the can't-stay-on-the-wagon problem.

Whether your motivation is directed or autonomous, if you suffer feelings of self-deprivation, cravings and emotional turmoil -- you can't hope to succeed.

Which means -- if ANY MOTIVATION of ANY VARIETY is necessary to stay committed to a diet -- it's the WRONG DIET.

Why would you have to stay motivated to eat the exact same food you eat now? Did you have to motivate yourself to eat today? Motivation is only necessary when eating is unpleasant or inconvenient. And that makes MOTIVATION FOR WEIGHT LOSS WRONG!

Ultimate Weight Loss Motivation Solution

Eliminate the need for weight loss motivation completely. Eat a healthy diet that doesn't require motivation. Yet yields real and genuine weight loss. Weight loss that leads to living a naturally thin life. Instead of a never ending diet merry-go-round.

This can be accomplished for most people easily with simple portion reduction, empty calorie exchanges for more nutritious foods and a minimal increase in physical activity. No starving or weight loss motivation needed.

If you think portion reduction leaves you hungry or craving, nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is, many of my clients reduced portions served to their entire family without notice or comment.

Don't take my word for it. Check out Portion Perversion, how portion sizes have increased. I'll prove it. But, you be the judge.

The best way to win a war is without a battle. The best way to a naturally thin life is one that doesn't require a daily dose of weight loss motivation as a cure for dieting. The solution is simple.

Eliminate the Need For Weight Loss Motivation With a Healthy Diet Plan

The real reasons every diet recommends weight loss motivation? So you can convince yourself...

  • I enjoy eating the new diet.
  • I do not miss my old favorites.
  • I love my new lifestyle.
  • I have all the money and time necessary to stop my life, get used to a new diet and lifestyle.
  • This plateau I've been on for six weeks is no sweat. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I love the challenge

The method I recommend on this site and in my book, Barb's Foolproof Weight Loss Solution, is a healthy diet plan that is completely autonomous. So autonomous in fact it's INVISIBLE.

  • No dieting harassment or ridicule. No one can tell you're eating differently. No one notices your effort. Only the pounds you lose. Say less -- weigh less.
  • You eat the same food you have always eaten, only slightly less of it. No cravings BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING TO CRAVE.
  • You don't suffer an emotional roller coaster, you don't change lifestyle or diet. No going without.
  • If you do what you always do, there cannot be any control issues. You've had control all along. You just haven't thrown the switch.

Now honestly, why do you need motivation to do what you've always done?

Motivation for Weight Loss Causes Weight Gain Because of the Law of Reverse Effect

The Law of Reverse Effect describes the psychological phenomena of a task becoming more difficult the more we try to achieve it. Our motivation has a reversed effect. The more emotional motivation you expend the more difficult the task you're motivating yourself to accomplish becomes. Weight loss motivation doesn't reduce cravings and diet misery -- it expands it.

In comparison, Foolproof Weight Loss Solution is designed by successful clients and myself to completely eliminate the need for weight loss motivation. To bypass the need for motivation by offering a healthy diet plan comprised solely of YOUR PREFERRED FOODS! In satisfying quantities. No hassle. No fuss.

Motivation for weight loss is reduced to the level of motivation needed to brush your teeth, comb your hair or change underwear.

Reach your ideal body weight and live a naturally thin life. No motivation required.

Directed motivation for weight loss has reached a cartoon-ish level in our society. Humorous and tragic at the same time. Humorous because that's what's always been accepted and recommended by weight loss experts and academia. The number of overweight Americans doubled in 20 years and the best we can do is say, "Stay motivated?" More people become overweight and more overweight folks become obese. This is the penalty we pay for continuing to repeat past mistakes. For believing it is the weight losers fault. Many of the professionals I know accept outdated weight loss misinformation as fact. Directed weight loss motivation is an excellent example and that's the tragedy.


If your diet requires any type of motivation to stay on, it will fail. When motivation fades, diets end and weight is regained. Eat a diet you enjoy, that allows you to reach and maintain ideal weight for life.

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