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7 Rules for Living Long

Hank, my walking buddy.

My #1 walking buddy. Fifteen years old and still making history.

My first job was working in a convalescent home.

The patients were older folks who could no longer care for themselves. Most were alone and had no family. My primary duty was to help clean their rooms and keep them company. I LEARNED A LOT.

I was wheeling a 95 year old gentleman around in his wheel chair outside when Walter asked me, "Have you noticed yet?" I asked him what he meant. He looked at me and said, "There are no smokers or fat people here."

Well I hadn't noticed but he was absolutely right. One hundred seventy-three patients between ages 67 and 101 and not a smoker or fat person in sight. He concluded, "They don't make it." Which got me wondering HOW TO MAKE IT. What can I do to live a long healthy, happy and productive life. My conclusion is based on personal experience, research and good old common sense.

7 Smart Ways to Live Longer

  1. Fight fat -- Doctors all agree, the government agrees and so does all of academic research. If you want to reduce your life span, obesity is the all time #1 way to do it. Best solution, reduce portions and walk 30-45 minutes everyday -- live thin naturally.
  2. Stop smoking -- Cigarettes kill an American every six seconds... If you haven't quit yet, it's time!
  3. Walk -- Everyone under-estimates this miracle cure. Walk 30-45 minutes everyday. Walking will combat muscle loss, bone deterioration and keep you flexible.
  4. Relax -- Don't fly off the handle, get angry, frustrated, stressed or upset. Don't envy, be jealous or hate. All of these emotions are poison.
  5. Laugh -- The more you laugh, the better your health and life. Again, laughter is the most under-estimated healthy activity we can participate in.
  6. Sex -- Studies show a direct relationship between frequency of sex and longevity.
  7. Sleep -- About seven hours. Too much sleep can be just as harmful as too little sleep.

Follow these seven rules and the odds of your longevity will increase dramatically. You probably knew this stuff, but now you have a nice tidy goal list you can follow.

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: "To live long and achieve happiness, cultivate the art of radiating happiness." -- Malcom Forbes

SOMETHING MORE: "Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can read." -- Mark Twain

BARB'S TIP: Burn your wagon. Getting on and off the diet band wagon for a lifetime is self inflicted pain, misery and suffering. Unless you are a masochist I recommend burning your wagon and start living. Read Cure Diet Disease With Invisible Weight Loss to find out how.


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