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The no-diet cure
for diet disease.

My question is simple. How has dieting worked for you so far?

You're not alone. Forty percent (40%) of adult America is dieting today. Forty-five percent (45%) have gained weight in the last six months. The number of overweight adults has doubled in the last twenty years while the number of overweight children has tripled.

So how does America respond to the national obesity epidemic? We tell you to, "Go on a diet." And when the going gets rough, you are advised to "stay motivated."

My clients have repeatedly proven what works for weight loss in the real world and what doesn't. Here's what they said was required for any diet plan to be effective...

  • Must not require a drastic change in food preferences, choices or diet.
  • Must not interfere with daily schedule or activities.
  • Lifestyle must not be altered to accommodate a new diet.
  • Simple to implement, understand and follow.
  • Little or no special food preparation involved.
  • Recommended physical activity must be safe, easy and fun.
  • Must achieve real weight loss results in a reasonable time.

If a weight loss plan can't deliver on this list, results will be fleeting. Dieting data proves beyond doubt, "dieting" is not an effective way to lose weight. A fact we can no longer ignore.

A quick, easy diet-free plan

You want to lose weight with a MISERY INDEX OF ZERO. You do not want to eat diet food. Run three miles a day or adopt a diet diva lifestyle. And you don't want to suffer another diet only to regain more than you lost.

You want to lose weight without the misery and inconvenience of dieting. You tried that and realized YOU CAN'T LOSE WEIGHT WHEN YOU'RE STARVING! If diets worked, two-thirds of America wouldn't be overweight.

Cure Diet Disease
With Invisible Weight Loss

You can lose weight comfortably and safely. You can reach your ideal body weight in a reasonable time. Most importantly, you can live a naturally thin life free of any weight loss issues.

It's not hard or difficult. It doesn't require a lot of your time, effort or money. You don't alter lifestyle, or transform into a dietzilla. Lose every pound you want privately, with complete anonymity. You accomplish all of this eating the exact same food you eat now. Here's how!

  • Because you eat the same food you eat now, there is no going without. Why would you crave something if you're allowed to eat it?
  • No emotional turmoil because you don't have to change lifestyle to accommodate a diet makeover. What's to get emotional about?
  • You don't suffer dieting ridicule or embarrassment because you eat what you have always eaten. That's why it's called Invisible Weight Loss. You don't see the effort. Only the results.
  • Motivation is not necessary because you don't need to stay "motivated" to eat the food you have always eaten.
  • There are no control issues because you are not forced to eat food you don't like. If you don't control what you eat... WHO DOES?

I know you have heard this before. It's natural to be skeptical. So don't take my word for it. Here's what one expert says about Cure Diet Disease with Invisible Weight Loss. You be the judge.

Expert Opinion

"Invisible Weight Loss is a no-nonsense, direct approach to weight loss and living thin naturally. It's simple, realistic and effective. A time saver that requires minimal effort to succeed."

Tammy Wheeler, RN/Nutritionist

Invisible Weight Loss takes you
from losing the first ounce
to living a naturally thin life!

Cure Diet Disease With Invisible Weight Loss is a 292 page "how to" instruction manual for lasting weight loss and LIVING A THIN LIFE. It's professionally edited with a complete table of contents, index and comprehensive resource list. It's all there. A step-by-step blueprint for meaningful and lasting weight loss results.

The contents are a collection of the most effective weight loss strategies used by my most successful clients. Not my concept of what you should do, but what real people did to lose and maintain their preferred weight.

It requires little of you and results in certain weight loss when applied to your daily life. Keep reading, I'll prove it!

What is Invisible Weight Loss
and how can it help you?

Here's a brief preview of the practical and useful information found in Cure Diet Disease With Invisible Weight Loss!

HOW TO BREAK YOUR ADDICTION TO DIET FAILURE: Have you wondered why the harder you try to stick to a diet, the harder it gets? Why the more emotional energy you expend to stay motivated, the more emotional turmoil you experience. Do you find the more you resist a craving the more intense the craving becomes? I answer these questions with simple solutions that work.

THE FIVE MYTHS OF HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS EXPOSED: If you have been told you must change your diet, lifestyle, workout, eat a balanced diet or stay motivated to lose weight, you have been given false information. When you compare Invisible Weight Loss to the other ways you have tried to lose weight, one thing should jump out like a revelation. Lasting weight loss is not hard, difficult or impossible. It's a simple matter of knowing how.

PREVENT CREEPING CORPULENCE FROM MAKING YOU ITS NEXT VICTIM: Every year you gain a few more pounds. The average American gains 1.5 pounds per year (according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Or 15 pounds every ten years. After seeing that statistic, how could any reasonably intelligent person not see the relationship between dieting and creeping corpulence? Sadly, it's all avoidable.

INVISIBLE WEIGHT LOSS IS FOR SENSIBLE PEOPLE WHO ENJOY EATING AND HATE DIETING: Everyone is different and unique. What taste good to me may make you gag. Any diet that dictates a "don't eat" list of foods is defective. You cannot pound a square peg in a round hole. You can't force someone to eat food they dislike. And you can't change a nation's preference for burgers and fries to granola and bean sprouts. It's not going to happen.

INTELLIGENT NUTRITION DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO EAT LIKE A GOAT TO LOSE WEIGHT: The pursuit of idealistic nutrition has made America fat. If you don't enjoy what you eat, you won't eat it for long. And all the pep talks, diet buddies and support groups won't change a thing. I give you a real alternative to starve and sweat, crave and cave diets. Plus, it actually WORKS!

97 CHEATS & SHORTCUTS TO EASY WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS: Effective strategies and common traits of successful weight losers became obvious. When something worked exceptionally well for one client I shared it in my newsletters, workshops, seminars and with the professional counselors working at my clinics. The feedback from clients resulted in this list. My weight loss clients swear by it. It is nothing less than a checklist for living a naturally thin life. It's so good, if you implemented the top 10 over the next year you would lose an enormous amount of weight and dramatically improve your nutrition.

MY PERSONAL INTERNET BOOKMARKS OF THE BEST WEIGHT LOSS RESOURCES ON THE PLANET: Over 60 web sites. Including sites for reputable studies, exercise, recipes, home cooking, various calculators, health information and nutritional guidelines. I also include several sites that offer free money saving coupons. This is valuable information that will answer most any weight loss concern or question. And for those of you wondering, I use the coupons myself. I saved $1,103.67 last year and have already exceeded that amount this year.

Expert Opinion

"I could not put this book down. Provocative, revealing and myth shattering innovation. Arguably the most valuable book ever written on the subject."

Steven Klein, Psychologist
Appleton, WI

Quick and easy solutions to the most common weight loss problems

Invisible Weight Loss offers real time solutions to common weight problems. Here's some examples of what's in Cure Diet Disease With Invisible Weight Loss...

Why you must avoid extreme exercise or suffer an uncontrollable appetite... page 27
Discover the all time #1 obstacle to your weight loss success so you can fix it... page 29
Duplicate the Results Environment of super successful weight losers... page 233
How to dissolve 90 calories in an hour with your EARS... IT'S TRUE!... page 80
11 critical factors necessary for lasting weight loss results. It's called the WISH LIST DIET... page 24
Startling studies expose the real reason for extreme weight gain... page 38
97 NO NONSENSE CHEATS & SHORTCUTS that leave you full, satisfied and skinny as a zipper... page 203
3 surefire, stealth weight loss solutions that deliver real results... RIGHT NOW... page 62
How to eat well, stop when full! For the confused, weak-willed and out of control... page 148
14 resources for hundreds of the best tasting, smart recipes... page 259
Design your own preferred food menu for easy, comfortable, no deprivation weight loss... page 91
How to lose weight with a MISERY INDEX OF ZERO... COMPLETE DETAILS... page 25
10 cutting edge tips that result in lifetime weight loss when followed... page 81
How to dance one hour a day and lose 31 pounds in a year... MATHEMATICAL FACT, NO DIET REQUIRED... page 80
This one single habit can double your calorie consumption. ADDS POUNDS BIG TIME! It's NO problem, if you know about it... page 44
Certain weight loss means no cravings, no hunger, no deprivation, no inconvenience and no emotional turmoil... YOU BE THE JUDGE... page 55-56
Cinderella syndrome and why you don't want to morph at midnight... page 77
Are mystery calories making you fat? Find out here... page 63

Read Cure Diet Disease with Invisible Weight Loss and learn what works for weight loss, what doesn't and why so you can lose weight and enjoy a naturally thin life.

Cure Diet Disease
With Invisible Weight Loss

A genuine quick, easy diet plan that delivers immediate results when followed. And it's as easy to follow as a grocery list.

Invisible Weight Loss works because it doesn't require a lot of time, effort or expense to succeed. No lifestyle change, eat the food you eat now and still lose every pound in record time. Free yourself from the stigma, burden, risk and worry of being overweight so you can...

Get on with your life

Discover what my clients discovered. Now you can use the exact strategy to lose your weight as my most successful clients used to lose theirs.

Get the inside information on what worked for weight loss, what doesn't and why. Based on the results, experiences and opinions of thousands of successful weight losers spanning three decades of time. I detail explicit, easy to follow , step-by-step instructions on how to make your weight loss fast, easy, simple and manageable with a misery index of zero.

Invisible Weight Loss delivers real results because it doesn't interfere with your life.

Cure Diet Disease With
Invisible Weight Loss
Only $47.97

60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Cure Diet Disease With Invisible Weight Loss

Cure Diet Disease With Invisible Weight Loss is more than a mere diet book. Much more. It's a complete weight loss program that gets real results right now. Proven with real people in every day use.

Invisible Weight Loss delivers certain and immediate weight loss when applied. Try it at my risk for a full 60 days.

If you aren't satisfied for ANY REASON I will refund 100% of your money immediately. No quibbles, no discussions.

Thank you for reading,

Barbara Yarnell, author
Cure Diet Disease With Invisible Weight Loss
251 Proven Quick Weight Loss Tips

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What people say...

"The 97 cheats and shortcuts worked for me. I used only 11 of them."
Champaign, IL

"My god, what a difference your book made on my family's life. All good!"
Scranton, PA

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"Living a naturally thin life is the ONLY WAY to lose and keep weight off."
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"What can I say, Invisible Weight Loss delivered on its promises."
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"I love the recipes in your book. Yum. Please include more on your site."
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"You're condensating, arrogant and get too much satisfaction from telling the truth. That said, I've lost every pound in record time."
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"Your Invisible Weight Loss system was made for the French diet."

"Since beginning your Invisible Weight Loss system I've improved the quality of my family's nutrition considerably. We are all benefiting from your successful clients experience and knowledge."
Cambridge, MA

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