Insulin resistance/carbs

by Tanaya

I am considering purchasing your system, but have a couple of questions. Four years ago I lost 22 lbs. with South Beach then gained back all. Stared WW (July of last year spent a fortune on their gadgets) and was walking 5 miles daily, 5 days a week for 6 months. Struggled to maintain 10 lbs. lost. Best friend is the WW leader so I had a personal coach! Also walking companion.

Looked at another book called Insulin Resistant Diet. Can't stand to do another "diet." Had a complete hysterectomy in Feb. of this year, on HRT. Have gained a few more pounds since surgery. Am 40 years old, 5'6", 206 lbs. Thyroid checks fine. Doctors can't tell me why I can't lose weight.

The scale goes down in increments if I don't eat carbs but is back up if I do. Have researched what portions sizes looked like from the 1950's and started to create them at home. Even bought smaller dinnerware and don't fill them or go back for seconds.

Dad is type 2 diabetic and I'm concerned about this at the weight I'm at. Have not been tested.

I think I'm on the right track here according to what your method is about... don't use artificial stuff, no low fat, reduced this or that. Am a huge believer of whole foods, very little processed foods in my pantry/fridge. Rarely if ever make/eat fried foods.

I make just about everything from scratch, bread, ice cream, jams, paletas, pickles, salsa. Fast food is a treat and is rarely had.

I've always been able to lose weight but that changed after having children, 10 and under so I'm always moving.

So what the heck am I doing wrong here??? If I seem desperate, I am. I'm not sure I want to spend another dime for advice that isn't going to work. I'm stumped and frustrated. Do you recall anyone with a similar story?


Dear Tanaya,

The first thing to do is get a COMPLETE check up from your doctor. Explain your situation to him/her and also point out your father's type 2 diabetes.

Yes, I have heard many stories similar to yours. People lose weight differently. For a ton of different reasons. Some obvious, some not so obvious.

For example, sodium recommendations from the USDA are 2300 mg for healthy adults and 1500 mg for older folks, African-Americans and people with high blood pressure. More simply, if an African-American consumes the same amount of sodium as a caucasian, a water retention problem may be the result. That's only one example of why people lose weight so differently.

It sounds like you're doing most stuff right. You didn't mention daily calorie intake. Or how you got to 206 pounds in the first place. After a complete check-up, when you get a clean bill of health, there won't be any more physical questions.

After that, you must accept a law of nature. When you burn more calories than you consume the only possible result is weight reduction.

Here's another fact that may be of interest to you. And it may be one of the reasons or causes for your unsatisfactory weight loss...

One pound of body fat burns only 3 calories per day. One pound of muscle burns 70 calories per day. If your fat to muscle ratio is high, your weight loss may be slow.

Another factor may be your diet history. In my experience, the more diets a person has been on, the more difficult lasting weight loss. I assume this is due to the constant havoc frequent dieting has on our metabolism.

One more consideration is aging. You're beginning the stage of life where hormonal changes, muscle loss and bone deterioration reduces many people's daily calorie requirements.

Compensate for burning less calories due to aging, with reduced calorie intake or increased physical activity or a combination of both.

Look my friend, desperation serves no good purpose. Be patient. Identify the cause of your difficulty and then find a workable solution. I have not encountered many weight loss problems that didn't have sensible, common sense solutions.

So relax. Take the pressure off yourself. I'm sure you will reach your ideal weight. Patience will work much better for you than panic and desperation.

Thank you for your contribution and if I can be of any more assistance, please let me know.

Thank you,

P.S. Numerous studies state that as little as 30 minutes of walking a day cuts the risk of type 2 diabetes in half for people of all weights. Keep walking and set your mind at ease.

P.P.S. You mentioned you walked 600 miles in 6 months. You probably built up muscles and lost body fat in that time. Did you notice if you were fitting into smaller clothes sizes? Many people will drop several sizes, even though their scale shows little weight loss. Muscle does weigh more than fat, but it's dense and takes up less space so we 'shrink.'

People often confuse the role exercise plays in losing and maintaining weight. The real value of exercise is NOT the calories you burn while exercising. It's the muscle you build that burns calories for you all day and night, whether you are sitting down, sleeping or active. Remember, a pound of body fat burns 3 calories a day. A pound of muscle needs 70 calories a day. Makes all the difference. That's why I'm such a proponent of walking. It builds all the right muscles, in all the right places. And almost everybody can fit 30-45 minutes, 5 or 6 days a week into their schedule.

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