How many pounds would you lose in 1 week?

by Nicole

How many pounds would you lose in 1 week in the Foolproof Weight Loss? Is the program also suited for Filipinos like me?

Dear Nicole,

The amount of weight anyone loses with ANY weight loss method or diet depends on several factors, like how much you weigh, body type, height, age, gender and lifestyle.

I recommend two things...

First, don't be concerned with fast weight loss. Instead, put the focus on living a thin life. The two are completely different approaches to the weight loss problem.

It is my experience that when a person makes their goal, "I'm going to live a thin life," as opposed to, "I'm going to lose 30 pounds in 30 days," -- they have fewer problems losing weight and long term results are significantly better.

My Foolproof Weight Loss Solution IS NOT A DIET! Its very purpose is to offer you a real alternative to food restricted, typical diets. Foolproof Weight Loss was specifically designed to use for life. Easy, healthy diet plans bypass the deprivation and suffering so many diets cause.

Second, I believe any weight loss of more than two to two and a half pounds per week is excessive and should be discouraged in most cases.

I have no idea why Foolproof Weight Loss would not be suitable for a Filipino because it's based on your current diet. You don't have to change the type of food you eat.

Excellent! Thanks for writing,

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