How do I lose 65 pounds without losing my motivation?

by Stefanie

I'm getting married in August and want to lose 65 pounds. The majority of it before my wedding. I seem to always lose my motivation tho. I go to college, taking 6 classes. I work two days a week, doing my internship 3 days a week and have a 2 year old daughter. Where do I find the time and motivation to lose my weight?

Hi Stefanie,

Congratulations! May you be blessed with a long and fruitful marraige!

Thank you so much for asking about motivation! A subject that invariably comes up when discussing weight loss. An understanding of this overused word is crucial to any weight loss success. Read Motivation For Weight Loss Exposed here for the complete explanation.

You do have a busy schedule. Have you investigated any time management books? Some basic time management principles will help you sort the wheat from the shaft. I investigated time management several years ago and highly recommend spending a little bit of time to grasp the concepts. It's proven invaluable to me. Check your local bookstore for the latest on time management. Many university web sites also include information about time management.

Excellent! Again, congratulations and thanks for writing in!


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