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Chicago style hot dog recipes. Photo/Eva HoA real Chicago-style hot dog looks like this. I add a couple cucumber spears to mine.

I have over 30 hot dog recipes in my files. Casseroles to easy sandwich recipes. Here's a tip! For the best hot dog buy all beef. Generally the pups made from chicken or turkey have a higher fat content than the 100% beef alternative. The best hot dogs have a minimum of additives. I like Hebrew National brand or a 100% all natural dog when I can find them. Here is my all time #1 favorite recipe.

NOTES: Ketchup is NEVER used on a Chicago hot dog. Vienna all beef hot dogs are preferred but you can use an all beef frank in a pinch. A hot dog made with poultry will ruin the flavor.

SERVE WITH: Because of the fat content of the hot dog, choose sides low in fat. Baked beans (or your favorite hot or cold bean salad) and coleslaw or your favorite cold salad.

Authentic Chicago-style hot dogs are all-beef, with a natural-casing, steam cooked. The bun is steam-warmed, high-gluten, with poppyseeds on the top. Top each dog with the following in this order:

  1. Yellow mustard
  2. Green sweet-pickle relish (it's fluorescent-green in Chicago)
  3. Chopped onions
  4. Tomato wedges
  5. One or two kosher-style dill-pickle spears
  6. Two or three hot, green sport peppers
  7. A dash of celery salt

CALORIES: Made with all beef hot dog: 315

This gets my Best Hot Dog award. Easy sandwich recipes don't get any better than this.

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