Healthy Weight Loss Tips #75-110

Thirty-five healthy weight loss tips (#75-110), this page concludes 110 QUICK WEIGHT LOSS TIPS.

75. Mood Matters
Your moods and emotions play a major role in your food preferences. Research shows when you’re depressed you prefer sugary food. Stress makes you crave salty food.

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110 QWL TIPS :: #75-110

76. Hormones & You
Your hormone balance influences emotions and emotions influence your food preference and interferes with the brain signal to stop eating because you’re full.

77. Food Fiasco
The three most damaging foods in the American diet are -- fast food, soda and bag snacks. You can throw salt and sodium in there for good measure.

Healthy weight loss tips #109 - celebrate lifeSee Tip #109 below.

78. It’s Your Life
Learn to say NO. It’s admirable that you put others needs before your own but DRAW THE LINE AT THE EXPENSE OF YOUR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS! Healthy Weight Loss Tips - 'No' is not a bad word.

79. The Emotion Meal
Emotions don’t taste good so stop eating them. Healthy Weight Loss Tips -- Walk daily and your outlook, attitude and emotions improve. Scientific fact.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

80. Best Quick Weight Loss Tips
People who value time manage it and use it wisely. Those who don’t value time squander it and complain there’s not enough time. FACT: you must manage your time before you can ever hope to manage your weight.

81. The Wallflower
Stop being a wallflower. It’s demeaning and destroys your self-worth. Even if you’re pudgy and not considered eye candy, you’re a nice person and have every right to participate and contribute. Don’t allow other’s opinions to stand in your way. You’re important and your opinion matters regardless of your weight.

82. Social Butterfly
Seek out social situations and human interaction. You are as good as any size five. If society doesn’t recognize your value, that’s society's failure to evolve. Not yours. Dump the guilt Darlin’. Blossom!

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

83. Best Quick Weight Loss Tips
This is one of the best healthy weight loss tips ever. If you go from one diet to another. Research other diets while you’re on a diet. Spend 50% or more of your total time dieting. Been on four or more diets in the last year. Your appetite increases when you eat. There’s a good possibility you suffer from diet disease.

84. Staying Invisible
Janet from San Antonio writes, “The best thing about Foolproof Weight Loss was the kids at school didn’t know I was losing weight. I lost 20 pounds before any of my best friends noticed.” Heathy Weight Loss Tips -- Keep it invisible.

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85. Big Time Healthy Weight Loss Tips Alert
Many people will consume 650 calories a day from sweetened beverages like soda, energy drinks and sweetened fruit juices. Exchange those drinks for water or unsweetened ice tea and lose 67 pounds in a year. Cut back by 50% and lose 33 pounds.

86. Change Is a Good Thing
From underwear to eating habits, change is necessary. You must constantly change and adapt to survive. It’s a core instinct. When fear and apathy prevent needed change the end result is emotional chaos, confusion and rebellion. It gives you one more reason to fail.

87. Burn Your Wagon
Getting on and off the diet band wagon for a lifetime is self inflicted pain, misery and suffering. You’re not a masochist so burn your diet wagon and start living.

88. Companionship
Try friendship, communication, love, sex and human interaction for companionship instead of your television and a bag of chips. Like the old telephone commercial said, “Reach out and touch someone.” Face your fears, Darlin’, most are ghosts.

89. I Want to Hold Your Hand
Listen to the music of your youth. Your brain remembers those tunes and assigns various feelings, emotions and events to them. It fools the brain into making you feel younger. It works better than six cans of Red Bull. Healthy Weight Loss Tips -- Don't underestimate the value of this one. For more about music and dopamine see DOPAMINE, MUSIC & RESEARCH ON OBESITY.

90. More Psychology of Weight Loss Alert
Seek out exciting activities you can add to your life. Excitement is the opposite of boredom. Boredom is a prime cause of overeating. Sing in a choir, join a club, ride a bike, hike cross country, fire your congressman, but add excitement to your life and keep weight loss emotionless.

91. Snack Junky's Best Diet Tip
If you snack from dinner to bedtime, you may be consuming 50% of your daily calories in useless snacks. Chips, dip, pretzels and beer non-stop until bedtime qualifies you as a snack junkie. See Quick Weight Loss Tips #90 for the cure.

92. Jerk Revenge
The next time a mental giant says, “You would look real pretty if you lost weight,” respond with these exact words, “Are you saying I’m not pretty now?” Then sit back and enjoy watching the jerk squirm and sweat. It will make you feel great.

93. “How’s the diet goin’ hon’?”
Lose weight with a single minded determination not to become emotional. Keep it to yourself so you don’t have to answer, “How much ya’ lose so far?” It’s nobody’s business but yours. Weight loss is a personal responsibility, not a community project.

94. Rehearse Success
Window shop while you’re losing weight. Walk briskly from store to store. Move from rack to rack like you’re in a hurry. Don’t buy anything in anticipation, it will fit when you reach ideal weight. But begin selecting outfits now you can try on when you reach ideal weight. Rehearse your success.

A client told me she was doing the mall rehearsal strategy with great success. She got a good cardio walk, beat boredom and had a great time. Not to mention the positive psychology of weight loss benefits from literally touching and envisioning a better future. I told the story in my newsletter. The result was instantaneous. My inbox filled with notes of ‘applause’. They loved it. And thanks to Alexandria from Michigan for sharing her valuable discovery with me. Healthy Weight Loss Tips - Rehearse for success.

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95. Fast, Easy Weight Loss
I have seen hundreds of people lose weight fast and easy. Losing weight isn’t a problem. Maintaining ideal weight for a lifetime presents more of a challenge. That’s why you’re reading this right now. You have lost and regained weight. Maybe several times. Your real purpose isn’t to diet and lose 30 pounds in 60 days but to live a naturally thin life. Your immediate objective may be weight loss, but your ultimate mission is to finally free yourself of all overweight issues and problems that interfere with your life. Like another diet for instance.

96. Perfection Paralysis
This is from Neil in California. “I write software and have to be a perfectionist. I wanted my diet to operate without a glitch. I could never get started and when I did I couldn’t stay with it. Now for the first time in my life I understand why I was my own road block to getting it off.”

97. Weight Loss Is Not About Perfection
It’s not about size five. It’s about your health, happiness and well-being. Nothing’s perfect. So don’t try to be or use it as an excuse for not taking action.

98. More Healthy Weight Loss Tips Alert
Pork tenderloin is an excellent source of lean protein. Great for a grill or smoker. Barbecue pork tenderloin is an art form in Texas. Slow smoked with oak.

99. Don’t Feel Sorry For Yourself
Hey, you’re not alone. There are more obese people in America than overweight people. Both groups combined account for 66% of the American population. A clear majority. Many others have been bitten by the same bug you have. Healthy Weight Loss Tips - Clear your mind of self-pity, it serves no good purpose.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

100. Best Quick Weight Loss Tips
Being overweight is not entirely your fault. Your food source has been contaminated with sugars, sodium, fats and who knows what. Add increased portion size, sedentary lifestyle and an abyss of weight loss misinformation and commercialization. Add a populace raised on fast weight loss crash diets and you get the epidemic size problem we have today. Believe me, it’s NOT YOUR FAULT.

101. The “I don’t believe it” Tip
Kraft mayo with olive oil has 45 calories per tablespoon compared to Hellman’s Real Mayo at 90 calories for the same amount, 50% less. Now we can eat mayo again. I’m sick of mustard. Compare at the store.

102. “No, get out of here” Tip
One quarter cup of Maple Grove Farms sugar free syrup has 30 calories. The same amount of Kellogg’s Eggos syrup has 240 calories. You save 210 calories with Maple Grove and it tastes better to me.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

103. Best Quick Weight Loss Tips
Blueberries have twice the antioxidant power of strawberries. Eat them liberally. Healthy Weight Loss Tips - Eat "dark" berries liberally.

104. Healthy Weight Loss Tips Alert
USDA study of antioxidant content of nuts found the most beneficial to be pecans, walnuts and pistachios, in that order.

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105. Get Mad
If I were you and suffered like I’ve seen so many overweight people suffer, I would be mad as hell. You have been manipulated, studied, lied to and deceived. Restaurants, grocery stores, vending machines, theatres, food industry -- all have a vested interest in your losing and regaining weight. Your binges are the diet industries future. Stop the manipulation.

106. Control
Did you ever wonder if you are not in control of food choices and eating habits… who is?

107. I Like You
I genuinely want you to succeed. You have every resource in you necessary to reach and maintain your ideal weight. Your only obstacle is making a genuine commitment to do so.

108. Grande
Means more than you should eat.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

109. Best Quick Weight Loss Tips
Get off the couch and celebrate life. Attend the party. Do things. Meet people. Get out and enjoy it. Start loving yourself so you are capable of accepting the love we want to give you.

110. Fast Weight Loss Dangers IV
A large body of evidence exists that suggests fast weight loss increases the chance of heart disease. The faster weight is lost, the faster it is regained. When you quickly regain weight, levels of blood cholesterol increase. Fast weight gain speeds up the rate cholesterol is deposited in the blood vessels. I can’t think of one good reason to crash diet other than selfish instant gratification. Can you? Healthy Weight Loss Tips - Dieting hurts.

BONUS TIP -- Please Take My Advice
There’s a difference between having an overweight problem and an overweight threat to your life. If your weight impedes your movement to the extent you’re immobile, others must take care of your needs, you’re diagnosed as morbidly obese -- I recommend you speak to your doctor about the benefits of an inpatient obesity clinic. Bariatric surgery may also be an option to consider. I’ve seen the results that come out of Duke University and I’m impressed.

BONUS TIP -- Your Weight May Be Only a Symptom
If you cry and get severely depressed for no reason. Hide food. Get up in the middle of the night for a snack. Lie about what you eat. Avoid human contact. Feel shame or extreme guilt about your weight. You should ask your doctor to recommend proper professional care and counseling. You need to talk about it.

BONUS TIP -- 110 Quick Weight Loss Tips & You
If you liked my list of 110 QUICK WEIGHT LOSS TIPS, I guarantee you will love my 97 HINTS, TIPS, CHEATS & SHORTCUTS. It's in my book, Barb's Foolproof Weight Loss Solution. All the healthy weight loss tips in 97 HINTS were given to me by clients, workshop attendees, members and subscribers. 97 HINTS is a best-of list of the specific actions people took to lose weight. A blueprint to weight loss success if there ever was one. A whole lot of people agreeing on a whole lot of healthy weight loss tips!

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