HCG diet requires injections
of the 'human chorionic
gonadotrophin' hormone.
Are there any HCG side
HCG diet requires injections of the human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone. Photo/Nathan Forget

I rarely miss the Dr. Oz show and think he's a national treasure. I do believe he missed the boat on one of his programs where the new miracle diet substance, HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin, a hormone produced by the pituitary gland of men and women and in particular, pregnant women) was discussed.

I disagreed with much of what was said on so many levels I want to give you my take.

The purpose of HCG is to discourage hunger so you can eat a 500 calorie a day diet.

Eating only 500 calories a day will cause temporary weight loss and can lead to many health problems. Where do the essentials for life, like vitamins and minerals, come from?

Why are we searching for ways to trick our bodies into not being hungry when the answer is obvious? You do not have to be hungry to lose weight!

No reasonably sane person will willingly expose themselves to the pain, misery and suffering that diets cause long enough to lose a reasonable amount of weight. AND KEEP IT OFF! Not for a year, or two. But for a life time.

Severe calorie deprivation can be lethal. It should be discouraged as a realistic option to genuine and lasting weight loss.
HCG side effects. Photo/marfis75

Dr. Oz's guest doctor said that HCG was studied versus a saline compound and showed no difference in results. My conclusion, HCG works because the user believes it will. Same premise as a doctor prescribing a sugar pill.

I felt Dr. Oz missed an excellent opportunity to ask more about the comparative results of the study but he inexplicably didn't follow-up. He also failed to point out that with severe calorie deprivation, muscle is lost as well as fat. Lose enough muscle and metabolic efficiency slows to a crawl. Leaving the dieter worse off than before beginning the weight loss effort.

HCG Diet Side Effects

Dr. Oz's conclusion was vague. More research should be done on the results, as well as reported HCG side effects. Side effects include headache, depression, irritability, restlessness, fluid retention, breast tenderness, hair loss, skin irritation and nutritional deficiencies.

As ironic as it sounds you can't lose weight when you are starving. Weight loss is not hard difficult or impossible. It only seems that way because we make it so with this type of weight loss sensationalism.

Not one time during Dr. Oz's discussion did increased physical activity come up. Completely ignored. Here's a fact that should be emphasized in any weight loss discussion...

As we age, hormonal changes, bone deterioration and muscle loss are only a few of the many aging factors that reduce our body's calorie requirements.

The choice is to reduce calorie intake as we age, or gain weight.

The only real alternative to having to eat less and less with age, is to compensate with increased physical activity that burns calories and replaces fat with 24/7 calorie munching muscle. Walking five days per week for 30 minutes will produce this type of muscle.

Believe me when I tell you weight loss is easy when you know how.

The answer is in you. Not in some magic gizmo, miracle pill or in the case of the HCG diet, an $800 series of self-administered shots. Yes, injections and needles.

So Dr. Oz, I think you missed a genuine opportunity to emphasize what really works for weight loss.

A realistic, sensible and enjoyable diet-free eating plan that can easily be followed for life and produce ideal weight and improved health.

Anything less is a monumental waste of time, energy and effort.

That's my take on HCG diet. What's yours?

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