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I'm Barbara Yarnell and is my website. I want to tell you who I am. Where I'm from. What I do and how I do it. Most importantly, why I am uniquely qualified to help you reach and maintain your ideal weight.

I owned and managed a national chain of weight loss clinics for ten years serving over 10,000 people. More than 31,000 people have attended my weight loss workshops. I am the author of Cure Diet Disease With Invisible Weight Loss and 251 Proven Quick Weight Loss Tips. I was also the executive producer of a multiple Emmy Award winning educational food program that aired on PBS. I've been a member of the Better Business Bureau for over 20 years. I am a weight loss consultant with 28 years of real time experience helping people achieve their ideal weight. I live in Austin, Texas with my husband, Russell.

What works, what doesn't and why

I spent over 10,000 hours in one on one sessions with people losing weight. I conducted weight loss surveys like the example on this website. I mailed out thousands of questionnaires. I talked to people trying to lose weight and I listened. People told me what worked for weight loss, what didn't and why.

This web site and my book, Cure Diet Disease With Invisible Weight Loss, are the result of what thousands of overweight dieters revealed about how to successfully lose and maintain ideal weight.

I began my career preaching idealistic nutrition and unrealistic fitness. The result? My clients lost weight and regained it. A maddening merry-go-round of take some off, put more back on. I quickly learned pollyanna nutrition and grueling exercise are not an effective strategy for lasting weight loss.

Diets hurt

I learned no matter how healthy the diet, if it is difficult, complex, creates cravings, leaves you hungry, promotes deprivation or puts you on the brink of emotional rebellion, you're wasting time.

Dieting hurts. It's painful and inconvenient. When you can't stand the pain any longer you give up. Diets fail because they end.

Overweight people taught me the "accepted" weight loss methods simply did not work in real life.

It's called "invisible weight loss" because you don't see the effort, only the results

Invisible Weight Loss is a proven system to lose weight and live thin naturally based on the real life experiences of those who have done so.

If you want to lose weight review this website and ask yourself if the information provided makes sense. Is it different than the "starve and sweat" weight loss methods you're accustomed to?

Check out my 110 Quick Weight Loss Tips and discover why you may be sabotaging your success with outdated, misleading, ineffective and dangerous weight loss misinformation.

Easy diet alternative

You have a genuine option to the old "starve and suffer" diet routine. An alternative that is easy to understand. Simple to implement into your daily life.

Invisible Weight Loss is easy to follow because it has a misery index of zero. If you want to avoid the pain, misery and suffering of dieting, visit the Portion Perversion section on this web site. Learn how you can lose huge amounts of weight eating the exact same food you're eating now.

You will also discover genuine weight loss is not hard or difficult when you know how. Nor is permanent weight loss beyond the reach of any healthy person seeking its rewards.

For sensible people who enjoy
eating and hate dieting

If you're like the overwhelming majority of my clients you hate dieting -- you don't like diet food and hate the massive lifestyle changes necessary to accommodate a traditional pain-and-suffering diet.

My clients lose weight eating real food. Go to Real Food Recipes and Sandwich Solutions for samples of the type of foods I recommend in my book, Cure Diet Disease With Invisible Weight Loss.

You can also check out my personal 28 Day Diet Diary to see what I eat to maintain my 127 pounds. I think you will find it very revealing. A complete analysis is included.

Invisible Weight Loss is different, doable and a smarter way to lose weight than you have ever encountered. If you're a sensible person who enjoys eating and hates dieting -- this website and my book were designed especially for you.

3 steps to lasting weight loss success

I encourage you to get your free issue of my Free Weight Loss Starter Course. Jam-packed with easy weight loss tips, it's a mini-course in dietless weight loss. Including; 10 Reasons Why Your Diets Fail, A Healthy Diet Plan As Sensible As It Is Effective, How You Can Restore Self-confidence So You Can Succeed, End Food Cravings Today. You also receive my Special Report: Advice To Overweight Women From A Thin Man as a FREE BONUS. A simple download and it's yours.

My book, Cure Diet Disease With Invisible Weight Loss, offers many alternatives to traditional dieting. One doctor called it "diet-less weight loss." A step-by-step system to lose weight comfortably and live thin naturally. I recommend the following three steps…

Step #1 -- Review this website. Ask yourself if the information makes sense, would it help you achieve lasting and meaningful weight loss?

Step #2 -- Get Free Weight Loss Starter Course, and bonus Special Report.

Step #3 -- Buy Cure Diet Disease With Invisible Weight Loss and apply the strategies and systems to your everyday life.

Free Weight Loss Starter Course today.

I am uniquely qualified to offer you this information. My experience with weight loss has been with actual weight losers. Thousands of them. They confided in me and allowed me to share their weight loss experience with them. I saw with my own eyes what worked, what didn't and why.

I share that information in the Starter Course and on this web site. My book expands on that information. It gives you a proven, simple to follow system that will help you lose weight quickly, naturally and comfortably.

Thank you

Cruise my web site. If you and I are a match that's great. If not, I want to sincerely thank you for taking your valuable time to evaluate my web site.

If you have any questions, go to Ask The Coach. I answer personally.

Thanks for reading.
I like you,
Barbara Yarnell, author
Cure Diet Disease With Invisible Weight Loss
251 Proven Quick Weight Loss Tips

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