Barb's Foolproof Weight Loss RESOURCES

SELECTED INTERNET SITES: I have used all of these sites, several are valued bookmarks I use frequently. Some are government and university research sites, others are maintained by small businesses or individuals. I selected well maintained sites with up-to-date information.


For everything you wanted to know about nutrition and more, these sites will get you up to speed. MyPyramid is the government recommendation for a healthy diet. Harvard School of Public Health takes a different stance with their Healthy Eating Pyramid. Also included is information about the Mediterranean, Asian, Latin and Vegetarian Diet pyramids. Don't miss the Portion Distortion Interactive Quiz, it's an eye opener.

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Everything you want to know about Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Adults and kids. A wealth of information about food, how to store it, menu planning, tips for eating out, what makes up each food group, how much to eat. Related Links page has useful links like how to read nutrition labels, how to find Farmer's Markets in your area and food safety.

National Agricultural Library Food and Nutrition Information Center

An excellent nutrition resource, this library is BIG. Nutrient recommendations by age and gender. Find calories and nutrients in food with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Nutrient Database or look up foods with a single nutrient on the Nutrient Lists.

Harvard School of Public Health

The Healthy Eating Pyramid takes issue with MyPyramid. They claim their pyramid is based on current science free of influence from business interests. Don't you just love the controversy?

Food & Nutrition Information Center
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Under Dietary Guidance, go to “food guide pyramid - MyPyramid” and you'll find ethnic/cultural food pyramids. If you don't like MyPyramid or the Harvard School of Public Health, check these out. Latino/Spanish, Native American, Asian, Mediterranean, older adults, children and vegetarian pyramids.

Portion Distortion I & II Interactive Quiz
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, National Institutes of Health

Do you know how much you're really eating? Compares portions of 20 years ago to today's portions. A real shocker.


Start with the Harvard School of Public Health article about studies. With this information you will be better prepared to evaluate the mountain of studies published every year. Which ones are important, which are merely promoting their own interests.

Harvard School of Public Health

Read the article on how to make sense of health and nutrition news, “Deciphering Media Stories on Diet.”

Journal of the American Medical Association

The most widely circulated medical journal in the world. International peer-reviewed by 3,500 reviewers from over 40 countries. Use this site to check the ery latest reports and studies.

The Nurses Health Study

Get the newsletter. Largest and longest running investigation of factors that influence women's health. Started in 1976 to investigate long term consequences of oral contraceptives. Since then, they've begun studying the affect diet and nutrition has on chronic diseases and other areas of women's health. There are 238,000 nurse participants.


Food & Nutrition Info Center
USDA National Agriculture Library

In the “Food Composition” section, look up 13,000 foods with What's In The Foods You Eat Search Tool. Lists macronutrients, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. Online, searchable food database. Very extensive. This site is also listed under Nutrition Guidelines. It is a big library.

BD Diabetes

“BD Getting Started Fast Food Guide,” print out and keep this reference in your car (34 pages). Nutritional information for fast food, Arby's to Wendy's. The site itself is devoted to diabetes education. Sorry about the long web address, that's the quickest way to get to this handy printout.


The owner of this site started it in 1995 to help her diabetic father make better choices of restaurant food. Full label for menu items of 503 restaurants. Calories, fat, saturated fat, trans fat, sodium, carbohydrates, everything except ingredient list.

Healthy Dining Finder

dietition approved menu items from fast food to fine dining. Health professionals, registered dietitions, marketing professionals and researchers have analyzed thousands of menus for nutritional content. I always rebel when someone tells me I shouldn't eat barbecue ribs, especially a dietition. However, I use this site when traveling to give myself more dining options in an unfamiliar city.


Nutrition Data
Condé Nast Web site

This site has a recipe analyzer, plug in the ingredients and get nutrition breakdown of your favorite recipes. Registration is free, tools have a bit of a learning curve, but useful for your recipes that don't include nutritional breakdown.

Fruits & Veggies Matter
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

All about eating more fruits and veggies everyday. Two interactive tools, Analyze My Plate, drag food items to your plate and analyze calories and fat content. Recipe Remix lets you analyze your recipe and offers suggestions to make it better. I used it to figure out how to make my favorite pie crust without lard. Two useful tools.


For “quick and easy recipes” with reviews, rating system and pictures of what the recipe looks like. Recipes from Bon Appétit and Gourmet magazines.

Real Simple

Recipes, time saving tips. “Life made easier everyday.” Fans of Real Simple magazine will love this site.

Food Network

One hundred forty-two (142) meatloaf recipes and 186 banana bread recipes. Each reviewed and most have pictures. If I'm looking for something real specific, I go here. Also, recipes featured on their television programs from famous chefs.


Recipes from home cooks with ratings and reviews. My friend raves about this site, I've found you have to be careful selecting recipes, been burned a couple of times.


From the Taste of Home magazine, part of the Reader's Digest Association. Recipes from home cooks for those cooking for one or two people. One of my favorite recipes for Sweet Pepper Shrimp comes from this site.


I like this one better than my friends favorite,

Cooks Illustrated

From the magazine. With emphasis on “Recipes that Work.” Site lets you use it for 14 days free, then you need to subscribe. I used their perfect brownie recipe and was disappointed. Too perfect, I like my brownies gooey.

Joy of Cooking

From the excellent how-to cookbook. Many people start with this cookbook and go from there. It's been around since 1931. Check the featured recipes and extensive how-tos.

Betty Crocker

My first cookbook was Betty Crocker. Good, traditional recipes.

Reynold's Kitchen

Valuable time saving tips for the kitchen. I found their instructions for making my own frozen turkey dinners with Thanksgiving leftovers ten years ago and have been using it every year since.

Fannie Farmer 1918 Edition

The Fannie Farmer 1896 cookbook was the first to standardize measurements for recipes. Before that, ingredients for a recipe were listed as estimates. This online 1918 edition is the last one Fannie Farmer edited herself. There are 1,849 recipes, how-tos, and even “Helpful Hints for the Young Housekeeper.” When I'm looking for something different, I always find inspiration here.

Food Timeline

“Ever wonder what foods the Vikings ate when they set off to explore the new world?” Find the answer to that and more. You can make a Roman meal using authentic recipes. Great history lessons for kids and adults. I actually use one of the Ancient Rome recipes (Chilled Peas Vinaigrette) that dates back to the 1st Century. This site was created by Lynne Oliver, a reference librarian, in response to frequently asked questions. Lots of fun!

Also, don't overlook your favorite foods or product web site. Companies promote their products with recipes, time saving tips, coupons. Reynold's Wrap is an excellent example. Their site is full of recipes and tons of ways to save time, all using their product of course.



This page has a very good explanation of Pilates. There are several different methods — Malibu, Stott, Winsor — this article will help you sort through the confusion. To learn Pilates, I suggest a professional trainer or classes to make sure you are doing it correctly. Once mastered, this is a great quick workout that can be done anywhere.

American College of Sports Medicine

Go to the “general public” page. Resources for physical activity guidelines and starting an exercise program. They want to make exercise and physical activity a standard part of disease prevention and treatment. Also, Action Plan for allergies, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, menopause, osteoporosis.

President's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports

Take the President's Challenge. Excellent explanations of what, how and why. For all age groups. Complete the challenge and get a medal. Everything you wanted to know about exercise. How much is enough, or too much.

American Heart Association

Twelve week program to get you moving. Sign up for free and build physical activity into your life. Reduce your risk for heart disease (women's #1 killer). Recipes, exercise tips, motivation, downloads.

Search and register online for activities in your community. Races, team sports and recreational activities. Also fitness and training tips.

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

“Tips to Help You Get Active” offers simple solutions and ideas to get you going.


Find your YMCA — 2,686 locations committed to helping children, families and individuals improve their health and well-being. Check out their programs and child care.

America On The Move

Challenges everyone to a healthier way of life. For individuals, families and communities.

Rails-To-Trails Conservancy

Non-profit organization that seeks to transform unused rail corridors to trails for hiking, biking, skateboarding and more. Find trails near you, plan a destination or build a trail in your community.

PE Central

Physical education information and resources for K-12 educators. Started by doctoral students at Virginia Tech's Health & Physical Education Program in 1996. Lessons, resources and more.


National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

BMI Calculator.

BMI, calorie needs, ideal weight, body fat index and target heart rate calculators. Pace calculator for runners.

Wondering how many calories you burn walking, doing aerobics, running, putting on makeup or having sex? Plug in your height and weight and let the calculator figure it out.


Mayo Clinic

Answers to health concerns and complete healthy lifestyle section. Mayo Clinic is a non-profit organization and is an internationally renowned medical practice headquartered in Rochester, Minnesota. My first choice for medical advice other than my doctor.

U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health

Health info for consumers and health professionals including 750 topics on diseases and conditions, drug and supplements section, medical encyclopedia, dictionary, directories and more.

“Health information for the whole family.” I like this better than

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)

Information is geared specifically for those with diabetes, digestive and kidney diseases. All the basics about these conditions plus tips and hints.

The Merck Manuals Online Medical Library, Home Edition for Patients & Caregivers

Based on the most widely used textbook of medicine, The Merck Manual, written so the patient can understand it.

University of Cincinnati, The Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University

Providing consumer health information. You can ask one of their 523 world-class experts a question. Got a question you're embarrassed to ask your doctor? This is your site.


Lots of information on keeping kids healthy and safe, from a real pediatrician. Including how to help kids lose weight.


Information about kids and teens that's free of “doctor speak.” From Nemours, a nonprofit organization devoted to children's health established in 1936. Physical fitness levels for children by age, nutrition, BMI charts for children, recipes and more. The site is broken up into three sections, for parents, for kids, for teens. Great resource for parents.


Some people don't like paying full price for anything, as a matter of principle. Or maybe you just want to reduce your grocery bill. The Internet has transformed coupon clipping into a fine art. Find the coupons you'll use here.


Free, printable coupons for restaurants, groceries and more.

Select the coupons you want, when finished, print.


This is a complete system. Download free e-books to; Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half, Advanced Savings Strategies and Drugstore Deals and Freebies. If you've ever wondered how to get a bag full of groceries free, this is it. Printable coupons, e-coupons, restaurant coupons, grocery deals by state, free samples and more.

Food, healthcare, kids, pet care and more.


A free service of AOL, coupon search.


Coupons good for use at Kroger stores.


Eat Well & Keep Moving
Harvard School of Public Health

Menu and snack ideas as well as nutrition and physical activity. Teacher's resource for upper elementary school nutrition and physical activity.

The Obesity Society

Dedicated to the study of obesity, since 1982. “The Obesity Society has been committed to encouraging research on the causes and treatment of obesity, and to keeping the medical community and public informed of new advances.”

American Medical Association

Provides information on various diseases, including diabetes and general health information on nutrition and physical activity. Offers a “physician finder” to help find information on physicians throughout the United States.


Health fraud, quackery, legal claims, myths, fads, misconduct. Very revealing. A beacon of light in the sometimes dark murky waters of fraudulent claims both online and real time. “Alternative Medicine and the Psychology of Belief,” “Weight Control Gimmicks and Frauds,” “Why People Are Vulnerable” and “Ten Ways to Avoid Being Quacked” are a few of the topics covered. Bookmark this site and refer to it often. A must visit.


Independent tests of herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements. Since 1999 they've tested more than 2,000 products. Most people don't realize vitamins and other supplements are not regularly tested by government agencies and stated nutrients are sometimes lacking. Requires a membership fee.

Weight-control Information Network (WIN)

Provided by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). Tips, research, statistics, publications on nutrition, physical activity and weight control. Publications section has a wealth of information on physical activity by age, helping overweight children, walking, cycling, quitting smoking.

Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension

Lower blood pressure with DASH (dietary approaches to stop hypertension).

The Dietary Supplements Labels Database

Label ingredients in more than 3,000 brands of supplements. Uses in humans, adverse reactions, and what the ingredient does.

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

From their mission statement, “The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) provides global leadership for a research, training, and education program to promote the prevention and treatment of heart, lung, and blood diseases and enhance the health of all individuals so that they can live longer and more fulfilling lives.”

Duke Medicine

The Health Library section covers diet and fitness topics as well as cancer, children, seniors, mental health and more. Also, care guides, health articles, newsletters, children's health and news.