20 Facts On Obesity #11

Fast weight loss must be defined as anything more than 2.5 pounds per week average. Any more may come with serious bounce back consequences. Fast diet plans that promise 30 pounds in 30 days may be able to deliver, but at what emotional, physical and especially regain consequences?

I know people who lost enormous amounts of weight very quickly. Now they gain weight when they walk past a Twinkie.

If the need to lose weight fast is impatience, and not medically necessary, reconsider those new, fast diet plans. When you hear the ramifications and consequences of losing weight too fast I'm sure you will agree there is a better way.

Health & Dieting Dangers
of Fast Weight Loss Exposed

Fast diet plans and extreme calorie reduction attacks the body's will to survive. Your body is fooled into believing there is a threat of starvation brought on by prolonged hunger. Your body will respond to this assault on the interruption of its calorie supply by storing fat and burning water weight instead of the now coveted fat stores. The end result is your metabolism automatically slows down to conserve energy. It thinks the food supply has dried up and is protecting itself in response.

Losing weight fast by extreme calorie deprivation can be a prime cause of weight gain and Diet Disease. Calorie deprivation encourages loss of muscle tissue as well as fat. Your percentage of body fat may actually increase even though your scale says weight reduction. The result is less muscle. You burn less fat as a result. This, coupled with a hibernating metabolism, can result in an additional 15% of weight with each bounce back regain.

Fast Weight Loss is a Good Thing if it's Safe, Sensible

A large body of accumulating evidence now suggests that fast weight loss can increase the possibility of heart disease. The faster weight is lost the faster it is regained. A long accepted and very true fact. By quickly gaining weight your level of blood cholesterol increases. Fast weight gain speeds up the rate cholesterol is deposited in blood vessels.

How fast is fast? The answer differs with each individual. We can only address this in generalities. And the majority of weight loss experts in America would overwhelmingly agree that losing more than 2.5 pounds per week comes with serious consequences.

Don't destroy the possibility of ever living a naturally thin life by throwing your metabolism and future health under the bus with one of those fast diet plans. Fast doesn't work unless it's smart fast. So consider these easy weight loss tips. Sensible fast weight loss is best achieved by a combination of increased physical activity, reduced calorie intake, muscle development that burns fat 24/7 and a much improved metabolism.

Hidden Dangers

The worst part is the price you pay and the monumental odds against keeping lost weight off. The promise of 30 pounds in 30 days uses an unrealistic claim to create enough hope so you'll throw logic and common sense to the wind.

Here's how ridiculous a weight loss of a pound a day is. You have to be eating more than 3500 calories a day because that is the amount of calories needed to cut to lose one pound of body weight. If you were eating 4500 calories a day and cut back to 1000 calories per day, you could lose one pound a day. You only have to reduce your daily calorie intake 75%. That's not a diet, that's cruel and unusual punishment. Plus, you're probably not eating 4500 calories a day.

Fast weight loss doesn't surge and plateau. The 2.5 pound per week weight loss should be steady, consistent and dependable. All guaranteed by a flexible, healthy diet plan and your actions, choices and commitment to reach and maintain your ideal body weight.

More easy weight loss tips to speed up weight loss include increasing fiber in your diet, never skip breakfast, reduce or eliminate bag snacks and/or soft drinks, reduce visits to fast food fat factories, reduce portions and increase physical activity. Add drinking eight glasses of water per day and you have a jumping off point for a safe, sensible, healthy diet plan that delivers reasonable fast weight loss results.


Fast weight loss is defined as up to 2.5 pounds per week. Losing more than that may have serious consequences. Which makes it unhealthy weight loss.