20 Facts on Obesity #4

Does fast food cause obesity? Photo/Loren JavierIf fast food causes obesity, then I'm Tinker Bell!

Fast food causes obesity is the battle cry of the fanatical food police. Think about it. That's like saying automobiles cause car accidents, or cigarettes cause cancer.

I agree America's love affair with fast food plays a big role in obesity. But not the food itself. People cause obesity. Just like people who choose to smoke cause cancer and people who drive drunk cause car accidents.

Food, cigarettes and autos are things. Only capable of collecting dust unless a human decides to use them.

The Obesity and Fast Food Myth

Fast food and obesity are linked because fast food is convenient and cheap. We eat fast food way too often. Much of the fast food available is incredibly high in calories, sodium and fat.

Obesity and fast food will be forever linked. The victim and the culprit. You will hear the familiar "fast food causes obesity" declaration for the rest of your life.

This is more the truth, "fast food leads to obesity when you abuse it." The only person that can cause you to be obese -- is you.

20 Facts on Obesity Mathematical Proof

A McDonald's regular hamburger is a low calorie sandwich. Let's do the math and discover one more of our 20 FACTS ON OBESITY.

A McDonald's regular 3.5 ounce hamburger has 250 calories. A small fries, 2.3 ounces, has 230 calories. Another 110 calories for a 12 ounce soft drink. Total calories for burger, fries and soda, 590 calories.

Now compare that to a Big Mac (540 calories), large fries (500 calories) and a large soft drink (310 calorie). Burger, fries and soft drink, 1,350 total calories. A 760 calorie difference for only one fast food meal. Make this exchange everyday and not replace the calories and you lose 79 pounds in one year. No other changes required. Mathematic fact.

If Fast Food Causes Obesity, I'm Tinker Bell

You can lose weight and still eat at fast food restaurants. For a list of low calorie sandwiches offered at many popular fast food restaurants, go to Healthy Lunch Ideas on this site.

I have never dieted or been fat. I have eaten fast food for years. KFC, Taco Bell, Mac's, Burger King. I like it all. Here's my formula for fast food success.

I don't drink soda. I order unsweetened iced tea, the smallest burger, no cheese on anything. Small or medium fries. When I'm asked if I want to colossal size it, I say, "No thank you, fast food causes obesity." Then enjoy my burger, fries and tea with a good laugh.


No food causes obesity. Only people cause obesity.


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