The Facts About Obesity Survey includes 77 multiple choice questions. Please answer all 77 before comparing your answers to the answers of 5,000 overweight participants on the completed version of the survey. After each survey question on the completed version I offer diet tips, healthy diet plan recommendations, specific causes of obesity that can be avoided and the most important components in designing the best weight loss program that will work for you.

Why take 3-5 minutes of your valuable time to complete the survey? First, your participation will eventually help others lose weight by avoiding diet mistakes of the past.

One of my clients said it best, "I thought I knew everything about dieting. Halfway through the survey I realized what I had been doing wrong all those years... I was sabotaging my own effort."

I recommend everyone take the survey for their own information. I URGE overweight and obese people to take the survey because I've seen the benefits it can produce for them.

Facts About Obesity Survey Results :: Survey Analysis

Facts About Obesity Survey

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Survey Results :: Survey Analysis

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