ANALYSIS: Facts About Obesity Survey

The Facts About Obesity Survey confirmed what many diet veterans suspect. But you be the judge. What do these four questions have in common?

1. What do you consider the most important component of a healthy diet plan?
  • fast weight loss (22%)
  • easy weight loss (17%)
  • safe and healthy weight loss (34%)
  • permanent weight loss (27%)
10. Have quick weight loss diets ever fulfilled your expectations or the promises made?
  • yes (2%)
  • no (76%)
  • never tried one (22%)
13. How many crash diets have you been on in the last three years?
  • 0-1 (33%)
  • 2-3 (27%)
  • 4-5 (21%)
  • 5 or more (19%)
29. Which appeals to you more? A quick weight loss plan or permanent weight loss plan?
  • permanent weight loss plan (74%)
  • quick weight loss plan (26%)

These four questions deal with speed, ease, safety and permanence of weight loss. In question #1, only 27% selected PERMANENT. Compare that to question #29 where 74% selected PERMANENT. This is a contradiction that is easily explained.

  • Participants who chose FAST WEIGHT LOSS in #1 (22%) also chose QUICK WEIGHT LOSS in question #29 (26%).
  • People who chose PERMANENT in #1 (27%) picked PERMANENT in question #29 (74%)
  • Combine the answers for EASY, SAFE, PERMANENT in question #1 and the total is 78%. Which is 4% higher than the answer in question #29 (74%).
  • The permanence contradiction becomes explainable. 4% of participants who selected EASY or SAFE WEIGHT LOSS in question #1 also selected QUICK WEIGHT LOSS instead of PERMANENT in question #29. A revealing 96% of folks who selected safe and EASY over PERMANENCE in #1, now selects permanence when the choice is reduced to QUICK WEIGHT LOSS or PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS in question #29.
  • In question #10 only 2% said a QUICK WEIGHT LOSS PLAN had ever fulfilled their expectations. Compared to a lopsided 76% that said QUICK WEIGHT LOSS had failed their expectations. 22% said they had never tried a QUICK WEIGHT LOSS diet which contradicts the 67% who admitted to going on at least two crash diets in the last three years in question #13.

Fast, easy, safe and permanent are all powerful weight loss motivations. However, there is far more skepticism about these claims in 2010 than the recent past. Years of endless diets have taught the overweight that fast, quick, easy, safe and permanent are not as easily achieved as they are promised. People who diet know the truth. Fast and quick are code for severe calorie deprivation and grueling exercise. Permanent can only be achieved by burning as many calories as you consume everyday for the rest of your life. Period. No shortcuts.

Only 2% of participants claimed any quick weight loss success while 76% said they had no success with a quick weight loss plan.

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