Eating "diet" food & reducing portions

by Andrea
(Mays Landing, NJ)

Currently I'm a mess. I usually eat diet type foods, such as low-fat or high fiber. But here is my problem. I then tend to rebel and eat a cheesesteak stromboli or I will eat my husbands junk food. Sometimes I just eat double portions of my diet food.

So 3-4 times a week, I eat nice and healthy and the other 3-4 days a week I'm a total mess and eat anything and everything.

How do I make Foolproof Weight Loss work for me?

Do I reduce portions every day or just the days I'm off the "diet" food band wagon?

Hi Andrea,

Foolproof Weight Loss Solution is designed specifically to eliminate the problem you're having losing weight. As I explain in my book, "diets" and "dieting" create cravings, binges and drive people nuts! The FWLS system is the result of what my clients found to be successful in losing and keeping excessive weight off.

My suggestion is to get off "diet" foods and instead, simply use portion management for the foods you normally eat. That way you eat the foods you enjoy (and eliminate the need to "rebel") and still reduce calories without feeling hungry or deprived.

I'm sending you 2 PDF files to get you going in the right direction while you finish reading my book. Check your email and let me know if for some reason you don't get them. They are both quick reads, doable immediately and answer your questions.

Thank you for your interest in the system and please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

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