20 Facts on Obesity #3

The cause and effect of obesity and dieting cannot be underestimated in our society. It's been devastating financially and in human suffering.

Facts and statistics of obesity indicate there are many causes of obesity in our society including poor food choices, fast food, huge portions and sedentary lifestyle among others. All contribute to the American obesity epidemic. However, I found one common trait every one of my clients shared. Thousands of overweight people all sharing one glaringly obvious trait.

Dieting Is The Cause And Effect of Obesity

94% of my weight loss clients reported dieting several times. Crash diets, fad diets, starve and sweat diets, were the norm. Not the exception. Diet, regain. Diet regain over the course of several years.

The cause and effect of obesity is no mystery. It's no secret. How many times have you heard the expression "diets don't work"? The cat's been out of the bag for years yet we continue to diet. Make the same mistake over and over again. Lose it. Gain it back. Lose it again.

Unfortunately, most people regain more weight with each failed diet. Several years of this behavior and the cause and effect of obesity becomes obvious. DIETING causes obesity.

Why You Should Consider a Diet Free, Healthy Plan Combined with Exercises for Losing Weight

A diet free, healthy plan consists of eating familiar foods in filling quantities. No changing food or preparation. If you doubt you can lose weight eating the food you're accustomed to eating see the portion sizes of food, Portion Perversion on this web site. I prove it! You be the judge.

A diet free, healthy plan would also include walking or other low impact, moderate intensity exercise.

This web site is designed specifically for people who are fed up with dieting and regaining the same weight over and over again. People who are determined not to repeat the same dieting mistakes that make the problem worse.

The Causes of Obesity & Metabolic Rate

As a weight loss consultant I've seen the damage dieting does first hand. Diets are not healthy if they cause you to crave or be hungry.

Chronic dieting has worse consequences than cravings and hunger. Repeated crash dieting results in destabilizing metabolic efficiency. You burn less calories because your body is storing fat and not expending it. If you have to constantly reduce calorie intake to lose the same 15 pounds you may be experiencing the results of a lazy metabolism.

Eventually your metabolism goes into hibernation and you discover a dieting reality most experts ignore. You don't lose weight if you are starving.

Dieting Causes Obesity

Naturally thin people never diet. Only overweight people diet. If diets worked every American would be thin. But diets don't deliver lasting success, so says an overwhelming body of reliable studies, data, facts and statistics of obesity.

However, this same quality research is solely lacking in determining the degree of damage calorie deprivation and dieting do to metabolic efficiency and the overall physical and emotional health of a chronic dieter. Not to consider chronic dieting one of the more dangerous causes of obesity would be wrong. Dieting is dangerous to your physical and emotional well being.

110 Quick Weight loss Tips

Check out 110 Quick Weight Loss Tips for more information you can use to help you reach and maintain your ideal weight without a painful diet change or grueling exercise.


Weight loss is not hard or difficult. DIETING IS!


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