Carob & Book

by Susan Dahl
(Durham, Ontario, Canada)

One word that strikes fear<br>into a chocolate lover's heart - CAROB!<br>Photo/Siona Karen

One word that strikes fear
into a chocolate lover's heart - CAROB!
Photo/Siona Karen

Barbara, I love the humour in your book!!! Hahaha! I just read the comment about Carob. Great stuff! Thanks!

Which comment about carob? The one about being a Klingon, having a lobotomy, taste buds removed or carob eclairs making my "butt pucker"?

I don't think there is much argument that carob is better for you than chocolate nowadays. A little chocolate is good for us and shows significant improvement in cardiovascular function for people with hardening of the arteries (as well as other conditions). The problem with chocolate comes in the form of fats and sugar. Stick with dark chocolate (for reduced fat and sugar content) and enjoy in moderation.

You can take it to the bank, I'll be enjoying my once daily Lammes Dark Chocolate Longhorn (a chocolate turtle candy made by a local company in Austin, Texas since 1885). Many clients and readers report making a similar adjust in their chocolate eating habits as chocolate "substitutes" are just not up to the taste test.

It's not what we eat, it's how much and how often we eat. I have yet to meet a person who cannot have significant success with weight loss by managing their current eating habits. And I've never met the person who successfully lost and kept weight off by "dieting" (counting calories, restricting food choices, prepackaged meals, etc.).

Thank you for your very kind comments!

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