Calories In and Calories Out

by Gursimar

Hi, My question is regarding weight loss. I would like to know that if I consume around about 1200 calories a day, should I aim to burn the entire 1200 calories or more calories each day? I'm really confused and don't understand the calorie deficit way either.

There's a better, easier way...
Calories In and Calories Out

Hi Gursimar,

Calorie deficit weight loss is a fancy way of saying eat fewer calories than you burn. Your body burns calories everyday through normal bodily functions like breathing, blinking your eyes, heart beats, etc. As well as physical activities like walking, pushing a grocery cart, making dinner. You can do some fancy calculations to estimate how many calories you are burning and then count the calories of everything you eat so you eat fewer calories than you burn -- resulting in weight loss.

Here's an easier way to accomplish the same the same thing...

First, make note of what you normally eat. Don't try to count calories, just notice how much, how often and when you eat. Do you drink three soft drinks a day? Snack in the evening? What size portions do you eat at meal time? Don't skip over this step - people think they know what they're eating everyday, but most are surprised when they make a point to really look at it.

Second, reduce what you're eating by 25-33%. No weighing food or counting calories. Let's say for example you normally consume 3,000 calories per day (this is an example to demonstrate how this works - you don't have to know how many calories you eat). If you reduce that amount by 25% you've eliminated 750 calories per day.

To lose one pound of weight, you need to reduce or burn 3,500 calories. Since you've eliminated 750 calories per day, at the end of a week you consumed 5,250 fewer calories and you lose 1.5 lbs.

750 calories X 7 days = 5,250 fewer calories in a weeks time
5,250 รท 3,500 = 1.5 lbs.

Add 30 minutes of brisk walking, 5 days a week and really kick your weight loss into high gear. Walking builds muscle (which burns more calories than body fat), reduces appetite and is easy to fit into even the most hectic schedule. For more about why the real benefit of increasing physical activity is NOT the calories burned, look at this page.

Losing weight is not rocket science, it shouldn't be complicated. In fact, the more complicated the weight loss method, the less likely it is to succeed. Keep it simple, and increase your odds of success!

I recommend reading about the Sequence of Weight Loss Success for a more in-depth explanation. Also look at this short newsletter: What Is A Healthy Diet Plan?

Thanks for writing in, I hope I've convinced you there is an easier way to lose weight!


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