The Best Weight Loss Plan &

20 Facts On Obesity #10

The best weight loss plan is up for argument. In my opinion, to qualify for consideration it must include a specific strategy that will take the person from losing the first ounce to living a naturally thin life free of all weight issues.

All healthy diet plans attempt to accomplish the same thing in the same way. Reduce weight by replacing the current high calorie diet with more healthy choices and behavior. What's called a "don't eat this, don't eat that, diet."

It works great on paper. I recommended the "company line" diets for years. And I admit I was a vocal proponent of the same, "get healthy, lose weight as a result" strategy. It's logical, it's healthy and makes all the sense in the world. One big problem. MILLIONS FAIL EVERYDAY!

A Naturally Thin Discovery

My clients informed me enmasse that my tailor-made, up close and personal, strict diet plans failed them on almost every level. I listened. One night in my clinic's training kitchen, 17 clients and myself get into a discussion about what was required for the best weight loss plan to succeed. To say the least, I went to weight loss school.

What my clients and I discovered that night has evolved over the years, but it remains pretty much the same as my clients outlined it. I call it the Weight Loss Sequence of Success. Changing my 'pollyanna' nutrition, restrictive diet approach to a sequence of success changed the way I approach weight loss and living thin naturally. I'm partial. I believe my book, Barb's Foolproof Weight Loss Solution, is the best weight loss plan because I've seen it work with my own eyes. It works because it's non-intrusive. But, you be the judge.

Sequence of Weight Loss Success

Lose Weight With Portion Reduction

Reduce the portion size of your current diet (see Portion Perversion) to lose weight and you can avoid the need for a diet. Look for high calorie areas to make significant improvements in your diet, like soft drinks, second servings at meals and snacks. Portion reduction relieves you of the struggle of learning and adopting a new diet. Cravings, control and deprivation are not issues because you're eating what you've always eaten. Only slightly less. Which completely eliminates the need for motivation or even a hint of willpower. Better, you can conceal your weight loss. You don't eat any differently. So no one notices. Losing weight is easy when you don't depend on changing a lifetime of habits and preferences to do so.

Discovering Your Ideal Weight

People regain weight because they fail to discover ideal weight once they have reached it. Poor psychology. "I've reached my goal. I'm finished with my diet. Let's go to the buffet and celebrate." The best weight loss plan will anticipate this response to a diet that leaves a person wanting something they "can't" have.

Discovering ones ideal weight is really understanding how you can control and regulate your weight with increased physical activity and portion control. Along with familiarizing yourself with your own weight regulating abilities, you learn that life at ideal weight may be completely different than what you have imagined. Many people regain weight because they cannot become psychologically comfortable at their ideal weight. Consider this a map through the regain minefield. You learn how to maintain ideal weight as a result.

Improving Your Nutrition

After you lose weight, maintain and regulate your weight with portion reduction and physical activity. Only then do you introduce more healthy nutrition. You're at your ideal weight. You've learned how to maintain it. Weight loss is no longer an issue. Or is it? Of course it is. Up until now your diet sucks. Yes, you have reached and maintained your ideal weight but now you need to improve the nutritional value of your diet if you ever wish to live a naturally thin life.

To do that, identify the big causes of obesity in your diet and replace those things with healthier, better tasting, lower calorie alternatives. Improve your nutrition significantly and painlessly. I'm not talking about a radical change in your diet but smart exchanges and reductions that make a monumental difference in the nutritional value of your diet. The best weight loss plan is a healthy weight loss plan. However, the healthiest diets require too much change and suffering to be practical.

I take a different approach. I leave the degree of nutritional improvement completely up to you. You can go all out or you can make minor adjustments that would put most people's diets within the acceptable range. And out of the danger zone for many obesity related diseases.

Improving nutrition is much easier when you're doing it to improve the nutritional value of your diet instead of losing weight. Attempting to do both simultaneously almost never works. People want weight loss, not a nutritional education. Once the immediate need is relieved and weight is lost, adopting a better diet is a piece of cake! Sorry, I couldn't resist, but it's true. Nutrition is not a weight loss strategy. It's a living thin naturally strategy.

Becoming Naturally Thin

Weight loss is not the same as living a naturally thin life. Completely different. Creeping corpulence and crawling regain are the result of NOT making the transition to naturally thin. What good is weight loss if it's a constant worry? How happy can weight loss be if you're worried about every mouthful? And that's the difference between naturally thin and overweight. Naturally thin people don't work at weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance. They intuitively and subconsciously know and react to these things accordingly.

Once you reach your ideal weight, maintain it, improve the nutritional quality of your diet -- then you are ready to take the next step. Living thin naturally means you become comfortable with your nutritionally improved diet. The fewer restrictions the better.

I'm often asked what it's like being a naturally thin woman. My answer is a woman who knows how and what to eat to stay that way. Not having any weight issues cluttering my mind.

I only know of one way a formerly overweight person has any hope of becoming a naturally thin person. And that's to practice a naturally thin life until you are living thin naturally. You will eventually become who you believe you are. Live a naturally thin life and you become a naturally thin person. Naturally thin is NOT synonymous with cravings, starvation or deprivation. On the contrary. It's a demonstration of self-satisfaction and personal discipline.

The Best Weight Loss Plan
& Becoming Naturally Thin

Every diet I'm aware of ignores the sequence in which weight should be lost, maintained and nutrition improved. The sequence of weight loss success makes weight loss manageable. It's easy on your emotions and doesn't require one massive change to be successful. It's sequential.

"Nothing is hard if you divide it into small jobs."

Ray Kroc
founder of McDonald's founder

This is exactly where most diets fail. They lump nutritional improvement, exercise, weight loss and fitness into one big box, shake it up, dump it all out and call them healthy diet plans. What good are they if the suffering they cause is worse than the suffering they're intended to cure? Divide the job into manageable parts and conquer the whole.


The best weight loss plan is the one you will do. One that emphasizes eating foods you enjoy in filling quantities that also allow you to reach and maintain your ideal body weight.


The sequence of weight loss was responsible for a real and significant spike in my clients weight loss success. Avoid attempting to lose weight with nutritional therapy. Lose weight first. Then improve the nutritional value of your diet. It works.

Best Weight Loss Plan TIP #1
It must be completely non-intrusive. It must not require significant diet or lifestyle changes.

Best Weight Loss Plan TIP #2
Your best weight loss plan should require all the motivation and support brushing your teeth or changing your underwear requires. No big deal, personal maintenance.

Best Weight Loss Plan TIP #3
Your best weight loss plan should include how to live a naturally thin life once ideal weight is achieved.

and leave the BEST WEIGHT LOSS PLAN.