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Best diet tips #57 - cartons are better. © Glenda Powers - Fotolia.comWhy is a carton better than plastic? See tip #57.

Of all my best diet tips, the statistic in Best Quick Weight Loss Tips #68 surprised a lot of my clients. See for yourself if you make this mistake.

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38. Write It Down
Keeping a diet journal never helped my clients lose weight. Pure weight loss obstacle. It makes you take meals and eating out of proper perspective.

However, my clients found a pre-diet seven day journal very effective. It helped them define how many calories they were eating as well as the source of their calories. This helped to determine where and how many calories to reduce.

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39. No Bad Days
There are no bad days. Only days when convenience and your reaction to circumstance beats your commitment. No one determines that you have a bad day but you.

40. Portion Perversion
Reduce portion size 25% and you reduce calories and fats 25%. Reduce calories by 500 everyday and lose 52 pounds in a year. Best Diet Tips -- Review the portion reduction to weight loss chart on the Portion Perversions section of this website here.

41. Stay Calm
Stress leads to cravings. Cravings lead to binging. Binging leads to diet failure. Keep an emotional straight line. Stay calm.

Best Diet Tips

42. Best Quick Weight Loss Tips
If your diet is hard and difficult to stay on the answer is simple. You’re on the wrong diet. You should enjoy what you’re eating, and feel full and satisfied on your diet. Otherwise it ends in failure.

43. Be Reasonable
Many of my clients never reached goal weight. However, they found a comfortable weight that was easy to maintain.

44. More Healthy Weight Loss Tips Alert
Leg and stomach muscles should be the main target of your exercise because stomach muscles allow you to control most movements and large leg muscles devour calories 24/7. Best Diet Tips Alert.

45. Portion Shift
Have your steak, baked potato and corn on the cob. Reduce the size of the steak and add a soup or salad, more corn or larger potato.

Best diet tips #38-74. Photo/uneduexYou are special!

46. Best Quick Weight Loss Tips
Like yourself. So what if you’re overweight. It’s correctable. You’re not a bad person. What’s your terrible crime? You have made poor food choices. Don’t feel shame or be embarrassed. Correct the problem. You will still be the nice person you are now. You are special. Act like it!

47. Survey Results
See Facts About Obesity Survey on this site. Take the survey then compare your answers to 5,000 survey participants. Then read my complete survey analysis for wall to wall valuable weight loss tips and strategies.

48. Fast Weight Loss Dangers II
Fast weight loss impairs your immune system response and makes you more vulnerable to disease and infection.

49. Regular As the Sunrise
This from a member in El Paso. “My doctor couldn’t find any cause for my frequent headaches or chronic constipation. I bought your book and found 17 items in the house with MSG. I threw them out and haven’t had a headache since. I eat two ounces of your ‘Rocks & Stones’ snack plus three pitted prunes everyday and I’ve been as regular as the sunrise. Even though your diet dictionary is true, it made me mad. I guess the truth does hurt. I forgive you.”

Best Diet Tips

50. Best Quick Weight Loss Tips
If a diet creates emotional rebellion of any kind it will never work for you. Pressure, hunger, cravings, confusion and deprivation are WHY DIETS FAIL.

51. Fast Weight Loss Dangers III
Fast weight loss brought on by crash diets are a prime cause of weight gain. Calorie deprivation causes you to lose muscle tissue as well as fat. Your percentage of body fat may increase even though the scale shows weight reduction. The result is less muscle to burn fat and you may regain 15% to 25% more weight than you lost with each fast weight loss crash diet. Best Diet Tips Alert.

52. Roast Beef Bonanza
Buy a roast beef sandwich in a restaurant and it has about 550 calories. Buy a roast beef sandwich at a supermarket and expect 700 or more calories. Make a roast beef sandwich at home with better ingredients for less money and only 275 calories. Best Diet Tips Alert. See Sandwich Solutions for more sandwich recipes.

53. USDA Report
The USDA reported in 2008 that people eat 107 more calories per meal at a restaurant as opposed to a meal eaten at home. Eat out five times a week and rack up an eight pound weight gain EVERY YEAR.

54. Hot Tuna Not Healthy
39% of the mercury found in the American diet comes from tuna! Care for tuna salad anyone?

55. Lose 20 Pounds
To lose 20 pounds in one year you only need to reduce calories a mere 192 per day.

56. Soda Sickness
The average American consumes 225 calories of soda per day or the one year equivalent weight loss of 23 pounds if eliminated.

57. Research Discovery
Cornell University researchers discovered milk loses nutritional value in clear plastic bottles compared to cartons. Fluorescent light will reduce vitamin A content in low fat and skim milks by 90% in 24 hours.

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58. Best Diet Tips Alert
Research conducted at the University of New South Wales revealed that 75% of the subjects tested salted food before tasting. If salt is a problem for you, try this. Get a salt shaker with smaller holes. I’ve tested some shakers and the size and number of holes can vary by 100%.

59. Don’t Microwave Chicken
Microwave ovens cook meat from the inside out. The surface temperatures are inconsistent. Leaving the possibility of living salmonella bacteria. Cook chicken in regular ovens between 350-375º fahrenheit. Use a thermometer to be sure the chicken registers at least 185º F in both breast and thigh regions. Best Diet Tips Alert.

60. Varicose Veins
Many women fear varicose veins as much as obesity. The truth is varicose veins are highly hereditary. Walking was once thought the cause of varicose veins, but is now considered a top prevention strategy. To hold off varicose veins, don’t sit or stand in one place for long periods of time. Don’t cross your legs (yeah, right), get plenty of exercise, MAINTAIN IDEAL WEIGHT and walk.

61. Coffee Kudos
Coffee is one of the most beneficial and antioxidant rich beverages available. It has no calories and many health benefits if not abused. Best Diet Tips Alert.

Best Diet Tips

62. Best Quick Weight Loss Tips
After 28 years of helping people lose weight, I’ve come to the conclusion there are three basic types of weight losers. Those that identify a eating behavior problem and focus on a workable solution. Those that know they’re overweight and search for the magic bullet, gizmo, gadget or diet pill that will reduce weight but not solve the problem. And people who feel sorry for themselves and drown in a sea of self pity and apathy. Where do you fit in?

63. Lifetime Weight Loss
The solution for weight loss is 10% external and 90% internal.

64. Diets Fail Because They End
A temporary diet can only provide temporary weight loss. Diets fail because they end.

65. Boredom Eating
If you hear yourself saying, “There’s nothing to do,” chances are you suffer from boredom eating.

66. Success Secret
Losing weight on a diet is not success. Keeping it off is. The only successful weight loss is permanent weight loss. Everything else is only an exercise in wasted effort and futility.

67. Dietzilla
When you go on a diet and act like everyone should make allowances for you, the only person you hurt is yourself. It’s not their problem. Why expect anyone to care about a problem you created and have failed to correct? Don’t make those around you miserable because they fail to bow to the diet queen or acknowledge your effort. You will only get emotional and find a reason to fail. Keep it invisible.

Best Diet Tips

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Best Quick Weight Loss Tip #68. Photo/Meg LessardNot just any ole' breakfast!

68. Best Quick Weight Loss Tips
People who don’t eat breakfast are four times more likely to be overweight than those that do. Fuel your breakfast with good sources of protein and fiber for the best results. Get it right and you eat less the rest of the day.

69. More Psychology of Weight Loss Alert
Have you ever said “Nothing works for me.”? Some psychologists call this a responsibility shift. You didn’t fail to make the diet work. The diet didn’t work for you. The diet was problematic. Not your commitment. You shift responsibility of success from you to the diet. The diet failed, not you. You’re off the hook.

70. Prioritize
What’s more important to you? Dieting or living the remainder of your life free of weight loss issues?

71. Choose One
Fast weight loss or permanent weight loss? Why would any reasonable person choose short term gain over lasting success? Why would any intelligent person sacrifice a lifetime of living thin naturally only to suffer an endless succession of tortuous crash diets? I honestly don’t know. Do you? Best Diet Tips Alert.

72. Why?
Write out the answer to this question. Keep the answer to yourself. Evaluate your answer. Is it honest? Is the reason good enough to justify the effort? “Why do you want to lose weight and keep it off?” Best Diet Tips Alert.

73. Quits Diets
Anna from Indiana writes, “I dieted from the time I was thirteen years old. Thirty years later I read your book and quit dieting. I reduced portions. Reached my ideal weight and I’m maintaining it without difficulty. My only complaint is I hate exercise as much as dieting. However the benefits outweigh the annoyance of walking 30 minutes a day.” I told Anna I didn’t make the rules. Nature did. Best Diet Tips Alert.

74. Sweet Dreams
This is one of the all time great healthy weight loss tips! Sleep is required for an efficient metabolism. Studies prove sleep deprivation or poor sleep creates appetite and cravings for sweet foods. And you thought the psychology of losing weight was silly. Successful weight loss begins with a good night’s sleep.

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