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20 Facts On Obesity #17

Why am I fat? Photo/barkWhy?

"Why am I fat?" A question I receive daily. You would think the question would be, "How can I be permanently thin?" But that's not the case. The majority of the time it's about "am I too fat" as opposed to seeking a real and practical solution to the overweight problem.

There is no mystery why people are fat. The average American consumes 20% more calories than 20 years ago. The average American will consume approximately 100 calories more per day than they will burn. An energy gap equaling a yearly weight gain of 10.4 pounds.

Reasons and causes of obesity are numerous. Learned behavior, biological, environmental are only a few factors that influence obesity. In my experience, three factors are constant with overweight people -- sedentary lifestyle, chronic dieting and poor eating habits.

Don't ask, "Why am I fat?"
Ask, "How can I lose weight and keep it off?"

Symptoms of obesity are easily identifiable. For instance, if you don't eat breakfast, you are four times more likely to be overweight than those who do. If you eat at fast food restaurants at least once per day, double your likelihood of an overweight problem. A Harvard University study revealed young people ate 110 to 165 more calories than they burned daily, for ten years, resulting in an average 58 pound weight gain! Approximately 25% of the vegetables consumed by the average American consists of potato chips and french fries.

You ask, "Why am I fat?" Let's make it simple. You eat too much of the wrong food and don't get enough physical activity. Now the next question...

"How can I reach my ideal body weight and maintain it for life?" My answer is simple. Reduce portions and increase your level of physical activity. Once you reach your ideal weight, when weight loss is no longer an issue, begin to improve the nutritional value of your diet. Repeat daily until you establish automatic subconscious habits. See Sequence of Weight Loss Success for more.

Never Ask "Why Am I Fat?" Again

I always get the feeling when someone asks "Why am I fat?", it's because the person is embarrassed. By pretending to not know the causes of obesity, they can not be expected to correct the problem. A simple absolution of responsibility.

There is nothing wrong with you! You don't need to feel embarrassed or ashamed of your weight. This is the biggest obstacle to success you must overcome... You! How you feel about yourself.

You have not broken any laws. You are not a criminal. If you are a social outcast or living in isolation it's because you choose to do so. Once you understand weight loss is completely in your control, that weight loss is certain because it's guaranteed by your choices, actions, behaviors and attitude -- once you have this epiphany, weight loss is no longer hard, difficult or a mystery.

You're Special, Act Like It

There is no difference between overweight people and naturally thin people. Both want the best for their kids. Both want good jobs and a happy and safe home. The only difference is how the overweight view themselves. This poor self-image is at the very root of the helpless feeling and confusion the overweight have about losing weight.

Combine poor self-image caused by a society obsessed with "size 4 syndrome" with a history of chronic dieting that causes progressive weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle and you have a prescription for life long cascading weight gain and obesity.

All of this is so avoidable it breaks my heart. First, you must repair your damaged self-image. Like yourself. Respect yourself. So you've gained weight. You're fat. Big deal. Join the 66% of the entire American population that suffers the same condition. Obesity is the norm in America! So don't allow society to label you an "out of control outcast." Don't buy into the weight loss is a great achievement misconception. Weight loss will be as easy as you make it. As sure as your commitment to it. And I'm telling you the 100% truth when I say you have every resource within you necessary to lose weight and live life free of all weight issues.

Your Date With Destiny

Why am I fat? Am I too fat? Self-depreciating questions that do not warrant time for consideration. There is no fat quiz or symptoms of obesity that can cause or validate your condition. Losing weight is entirely your responsibility. And that's exactly why your success is certain.

The only thing preventing you from living a naturally thin life is you. Overcome that obstacle and you're weight loss success is assured.

I recommend reviewing 110 Quick Weight Loss Tips and Portion Perversion sections of this web site. If what you read makes sense then read my book, Barb's Foolproof Weight Loss Solution. There's nothing wrong with you! You're special -- act like it!

20 FACTS ON OBESITY Tip #17--"Why am I fat?"

People are fat for a myriad of reasons. However, the question is only relevant if it's asked to discover a problem that you intend to correct. Many ask, "Why am I fat?" But what they really want to know is, "What's wrong with me." And the answer is liberating. Nothing is wrong with you!


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