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Facts reveal rate of dieting failure

The phrase "diets don't work" has been so overused it's become a cliche. Here are the facts. National studies and surveys estimate 90-97% of all diets end in failure. Sixty-seven percent (67%) of dieters regain every pound within 12 months. Adult obesity has doubled in the last 20 years while childhood obesity has tripled. Researchers estimate 40% of adult America is dieting at any given time. Forty-five percent (45%) of Americans admit gaining weight in the last six months.

It's obvious there is a huge difference between a typical diet and a healthy diet plan you can use to lose AND MAINTAIN your ideal weight for life.

I spent ten thousand plus hours interviewing overweight people. The overwhelming majority didn't care about balanced nutrition or adopting the perfect diet. What they cared about was losing pounds in a reasonable time, comfortably and safely. A genuine healthy diet plan.

It was apparent that the typical "forbidden" food diet causes problems that make lasting weight loss impossible. Cravings, binges, deprivation, yo-yo emotional turmoil, bounce back regain, plateaus -- all products of today's most popular diets.

If you're like the people I work with, you won't tolerate the self-abuse a typical diet requires long enough to lose weight. Those that do lose weight are statistically proven to regain every ounce plus bounce back pounds. Does that sound like a healthy diet plan to you?

The phrase, "diets don't work" is a gross understatement. Diets cause obesity. I don't see any other logical conclusion. The absolute truth is diets are a monumental failure for the purpose of weight loss. Using a diet to lose weight is like using a chain saw to brush your teeth. It doesn't work. It's the wrong tool for the job.

Dietless weight loss neutralizes obstacles so you succeed

Here's my definition of "diets don't work." See if you agree with me...

"If you don't enjoy the food you eat,
you won't eat it for long."

As ironic as it sounds, you can't lose weight when you're starving! Every page of this site is designed to offer proven and effective weight loss help you can put to use immediately. And a healthy diet plan that's so comfortable you use it for life.

I'll show you a dietless alternative to typical dieting misery. A better, simple, do-able way to lose weight and keep it off. A healthy diet plan. See what I have to say, then you be the judge, jury and executioner, you decide.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, relax... see how you can lose weight and live a naturally thin life

Much of what you read on this site will be new to you. Weight loss strategies that worked for real people in a real world environment. Not what the experts tell you to do -- i.e. go on a diet and stay motivated -- but what actually works in real life. A doable healthy diet plan.

As you review the site, ask yourself, "does it make sense?" Do you agree with me? Is losing weight something you want to do? Is it worth your time to find a healthy diet plan you can live with? You bet it is!

Thanks for reading,


Barbara Yarnell, author
Barb's Foolproof Weight Loss
251 Proven Quick Weight Loss Tips

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20 Obesity Facts

Weight loss myths and misconceptions exposed. Including;

  • why motivation is unnecessary
  • the best way to lose weight without food cravings
  • food myths and dieting fables
  • best way to get fast weight loss
PLUS 29 teen weight loss tips that get real results. Get the answer to the million dollar question, "Why am I fat?" And find out why typical diet plans are prime causes of obesity. The 20 Obesity Facts section gives you specific weight loss DOs and DON'Ts and outlines a healthy diet plan that can be enjoyed for a lifetime with satisfaction and comfort. 20 Obesity Facts

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Ask The Coach

If you have questions about losing weight, a healthy diet plan and living thin naturally, please submit them to this section. I answer promptly and personally. If you have any weight loss secrets, hints, tips, cheats, shortcuts, recipes or stories you would like to share, submit them here. I look forward to your comments, questions and contributions. Ask The Coach

Free Weight Loss Starter Course

Absolutely free. No strings attached, no purchase required. A mini-course in how to successfully lose weight and implement a healthy diet plan. Essential topics covered include; why your diet fails, how to stop cravings, build self-confidence and more. You also receive a free bonus Special Report that speaks volumes about the negative consequences of failed diets and uncontrolled weight gain. A free gift from me to you for taking your valuable time to review my site. Free Weight Loss Starter Course

110 Quick Weight Loss Tips

Frankly, most weight loss tip lists are similar. Not tips, but a list of what "food police" say you should eat. Or somebody's concept of a "healthy" diet plan. My 110 Quick Weight Loss Tips include some "should do's" but for the most part the tips are different from other lists. The difference being the majority of my tips were discovered by actual weight losers.

When a client discovered a new strategy or shortcut that worked it was shared with other clients throughout a multi-state chain of weight loss clinics. If the new strategy tested effective with many clients it was added to my weight loss system and shared with all. This is a unique list of proven and practical weight loss strategies you can begin using immediately. 110 Quick Weight Loss Tips

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Sandwich Solutions

Sandwiches in this section do not include the sprouts and leafy green variety sanctioned as healthy by the nutrition police. Not hardly, unless you consider Italian Beef, Patty Melt, Meatball Sub and Sloppy Joe's diet sandwiches.

Find easy ways to control fat and calories in your favorite sandwiches. Ingredients, preparation options and calories included. I eat these myself, part of my healthy diet plan. Same-old tuna salad? No more forever! Sandwich Solutions

Facts About Obesity Survey

Survey of 5,000 clients of my clinics, seminars and workshops. All paying for weight loss assistance. The survey reveals what the participants felt were the best ways to lose weight, favorite foods, personal causes of obesity, which weight loss tips work best and worst, psychological consequences of dieting, most effective weight loss exercises, the best healthy diet plan and much more.

Seventy-seven (77) questions in all, 5,000 respondents revealing what works for weight loss, what doesn't and why.

I recommend taking the blind survey yourself. Then compare answers with the survey participants. Lastly, review the survey analysis for conclusions, obesity facts, helpful tips and solutions to the most common weight loss problems exposed by the survey.

Many people have contacted me to say once they completed the survey exercise they knew more about their problem than ever before. And were confident they could finally lose weight and keep it off. This page is popular and gets rave reviews from readers, and a few complaints that it's too technical. Do the exercise then you decide. Facts About Obesity Survey

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Real Food Recipes

Wait until you see this collection of goodies. I include them to prove you don't have to go without, starve, crave or eat like a goat to lose weight. Sorry, diet and health food not allowed. Mac and cheese to go with your fried chicken anyone? Dietless weight loss... Remember? Real Food Recipes

28 Day Diet Diary of a Naturally Thin, 127 lb., 56 year old woman

People always ask, "How do you maintain your weight?" My answer, "Because I know all this stuff."

But the honest answer is I really didn't know. I never paid attention to my weight. I eat what I want, stop when full. And always have. I decided to keep a diet diary and record every mouthful of food I ate for a month. Now I know exactly how I maintain my 127 pounds and share it with you here.

However, I must warn you, don't expect a spartan diet. What I consumed shocks most people. I offer you tips, hints and insights. Define what I consider a foolproof healthy diet plan and offer you second grade simple solutions to most dieting difficulties.

Everything is here. The number of calories I consumed by meal, day of week and time of day. Exactly what and when I ate. Plus I include complete analysis of my diet diary experience.

Be sure to review the 17 Hot Weight Loss Tips. Also, don't miss the last paragraph on the diet diary analysis page immediately after the 17 Tips. Then think about what it says for a moment. 28 Day Diet Diary

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Portion Perversion

America is fat for many reasons. Some of these are completely out of our control. But the three primary causes of obesity we can control are...

  1. sedentary lifestyle
  2. dieting and the resulting cascading bounce back regain
  3. dramatically increased portion consumption

Many people consume up to 600 calories a day in HIDDEN CALORIES. Learn the difference between dieting and portion management.

This page has a portion size chart that estimates how much weight you can lose with minimal portion management of the exact same food you eat everyday. When a dieter hears the words "portion management" they hear, "I'm gonna starve." Nothing could be further from the truth. Read the "no hunger" paragraph and see the results of a study published by the Clinical Journal of Nutrition. Also visit the Gallery of Portion Size Pictures to see what portion management looks like, then make up your own mind.

Don't miss my three essential weight loss tips for the weak-willed and those helplessly out of control. Design your own healthy diet plan based on this revealing information. Portion Perversions

Best Weight Loss Exercises

What's the #1 all time best exercise for weight loss according to thousands of weight losers? The three types of exercise and how you benefit from each. Twenty quality calorie burning activities. Plus five important exercise tips. Top ten favorite weight loss exercises ranked by those who used them frequently.

When you realize you can burn 90 calories an hour listening to music, 129-200 having sex, physical activity doesn't seem so formidable. Cherry pick a calorie burning activity that suits your likes and lifestyle. Make it an important component of a new healthy diet plan that delivers real results right now. No grueling exercise required. Best Weight Loss Exercises

Healthy Lunch Ideas

I eat at McDonald's once a week before grocery shopping. Eat a Whopper a couple of times a month and I love KFC original recipe legs and wings. I gave in to fast food a long time ago. I love it. Any diet that forbids fast food is not realistic and doomed from the start.

Who really believes they will never eat another Big Mac, Whopper or three pound triple cheese and bacon cheeseburger? That's life! It's a clinical fact the longer your forbidden food list, the less likely you are to lose weight. Just because fast food is not considered part of a "healthy" diet plan is not going to prevent the majority of Americans from enjoying it. Including me.

Get fast food survival tips here along with smart brown bag recommendations. You don't have to stop living just to lose weight. Don't miss the 12 hints, tips, cheats and shortcuts to satisfying, good tasting, healthy lunch ideas. Healthy Lunch Ideas


I have literally hundreds of weight loss endorsements on publishing release forms stating weight loss, how long it took and brief description of the experience. I used these in advertising for many years. Something I no longer do.

There are many reasons for my change of heart. The least of which is with the advent of the Internet the use of endorsements has gotten out of hand. I explain why you won't see before and after pictures of Ed E. who lost 108 lbs. in 10 months; Joe W. who lost 160 lbs.; Brian M. lost 140 lbs.; Kathy F. lost 115 pounds; Ceil G. lost 160 lbs.; Diane W. lost 101 lbs.; Richard P., 190 lbs. lost; Roy B. lost 155 lbs.

I cite some of the larger amounts lost, but the amounts spanned the entire spectrum. Here's a clue, don't allow what someone else does to influence your weight loss. We all lose weight differently. Find out the truth about weight loss endorsements here. Endorsements

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Get To Know Me

Who I am. Where I'm from. What I do and how it can benefit you. Background, credentials, a personal profile, A+ Better Business Bureau member and why I am uniquely suited and qualified to offer you an alternative to dieting pain, misery and suffering. I've been told that I'm very good at what I do from clients and peers alike. Review this site, then you decide. Get To Know Me

Site Info

Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, how to contact You'll find this link on the bottom of every page. Site Info

BONUS: 7 Healthy Diet Plan Tips

  1. A healthy diet plan does not cause hunger, cravings, deprivation or emotional turmoil.
  2. For any healthy diet plan to succeed it must allow you to eat foods you enjoy in quantities that satisfy.
  3. Healthy diet plans do not have long "can't have" lists! Deprivation leads to cravings. Cravings lead to binging and eventual failure.
  4. A healthy diet plan does not require maintenance because it never ends. A healthy diet plan is how you eat everyday for life.
  5. Healthy diet plans allow you to lose weight unencumbered by diet change and encourage improved nutrition only after ideal body weight is attained.
  6. A healthy diet plan allows you to reach your ideal body weight in a reasonable time with little to no discomfort.
  7. If a healthy diet plan requires motivation or support to succeed, odds are it will fail.

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